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We purchased a home in another state. A highly recommended

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We purchased a home in another state. A highly recommended local electrical contractor was contacted and he came out to inspect the electrical and provide us with a quote of what electrical work was required to ensure the electrical was safe and operational according to the code standard.

He told us what needed to be done to the house and it was agreed to complete the work by each room, remove old wires from the outside, and to install lighting fixtures outside and inside the home to include fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and a new kitchen exhaust hood.

The company was paid in full as the work was completed.

It was a mutual decision to sell the home because of unforeseen medical problems affecting my husband.

The findings from two separate home inspectors (one for a prospective buyer and the other from the same company we paid to inspect the house prior to our purchase)revealed none of the re-wiring had been started and/or what was started was not completed as required to meet the standard requested by the homeowners and agreed to by the contractor.

The verbal quotes to complete the required work to ensure the electrical is up to an acceptable standard is an additional $18k. What is our legal recourse?

Please note we do not flip houses.
Hello and welcome! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try my level best to help with your situation or get you to someone who can.
If you have proof through two independent inspections that the contractor you hired to perform certain work did not do so, lied and said they did, and you paid them, that is fraud and breach of contract.
With that said, you would have grounds to sue the original contractor for the costs that you will have to incur to have the work completed correctly up to the amount that you paid them. So if it costs you more to have the work done correctly than you paid the contractor, you can get all your money back.
The limit in SC small claims court is only $7,500 so if your damages are over that, you would have to hire local counsel to file suit on your behalf. Since this is an intentionally fraudulent act, a judge can award you your damages as well as your attorney fees as a punitive measure for his actions.
It is likely that if the contractor is insured, once you filed suit, his insurer would just cut you a check for your damages. It sounds like he took advantage of your inexperience with renovations and figured he could just claim he upgraded things and you would never know.
The statute of limitations on an action for fraud is 3 years in South Carolina. A breach of contract action also has a SOL of 3 years. If it has been over 3 years you would have to argue under a fraud claim that the SOL should be "tolled" until the date you discovered the fraud that gave rise to the cause of action.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Barrister, Are you located in SC?

Sorry no, I am not in SC at this time.