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Do you know if Internet Business Specialist out of Salt Lake

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Do you know if Internet Business Specialist out of Salt Lake City, Ut is a Scam? They called me On July 31 of this year after I answered an ad with another company. I got a high pressured salesman I couldn't get rid of asking all kinds of personal financial questions and telling me I could make $1000-5000/mo only putting in 10-15 hours a week on the computer doing very easy work, learning easy computer skills to make money at home. I told him right away it sounded like a scam and it took him another half hour to convince me it wasn't so I agreed to try it and stupidly gave him my credit card. I was uneasy and called my credit card company & told them it sounded funny like a scam and to not put it through. The next day I called the company and cancelled. It had to be in writing so I emailed them. I had an appointment with the orientation director so I told the secretary to cancel him but he called anyway and talked me back into it verbally telling me he personally would see to it I would get my money back and gave me his cell phone and office phone number. I called him a couple of times and told him I wanted out and of course he denied he said that and they would let me cancel. I had only 1 hour of coaching time. I called the BBB out of UT, the Consumer Protection Agency and another agency and told them about this company. There are a number of complaints about this company. They are not a member of the BBB but their rating is C- before my complaint. They won't return phone calls or E-mails. When the BBB got ahold of them they did get in touch with me but only to tell me I caused them damage by notifiying the BBB and saying bad things about the company. I paid them $3685.36 and they gave me a rebate of $225.00. I was asking for my 3460.00 back. All they want to give me back now is $2000.00 and are threatening me if I go to any media or agencies and tell anything they will fine me $10,000. I sent that information to the BBB and didnt' sign or agree to anything. Also they wanted to only give me one of their checks made out to me. I don't think so. I want them to credit my credit card, not give me a check because I don't trust them. Am I right?

LegalGems :

Hi! LegalGems here. I have extensive consumer law experience and will use this to assist you with your issue today. I am sorry to hear of this. It is interesting that they are threatening to fine you, as a private company does not have the authority to "fine" a consumer. You mentioned that you filed a dispute with your credit card company. You should follow up to see what their determination was. If it was not favorable, you can bring an action in small claims, in the county in which you reside. So long as the b business has sufficient contact with that state (long arm jurisdiction) jurisdiction would be vested in that state. Since you have written confirmation of your cancellation, that should not be a problem- to prove that you timely canceled. In the meantime, you can send a demand letter requesting full reimbursement. Here is a sample letter you can modify to fit your situation. Then if they refuse, you can file a claim in small claims.

LegalGems :

If you end up filing suit, you can find out the registered agents (these are the individuals authorized to accept service on behalf of the company) by looking here:

LegalGems :

I just received notification you couldn't view my answer so I am switching it to Q&A. It will state our chat has ended - but you can post a response by using the reply box - it is only referring to our "chat" (format) has ended. Thanks!

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I wanted you to know I only had 3 days to cancel and when I did they stalled me until this orientation director called me to talk me out of it and he made me write another email to say I would stay with them. I do have the first email when I canceled. After that the ignored me and wouldn't contact me again even though I tried to contact them daily to cancel. In my emails I told them if I didn't hear from them I was going to contact the BBB and other agencies to help me. It wasn't until a couple of days ago that I received this email from them after the BBB talked to them to settle. The paragraph that I wanted to talk to you about was the one labeled: Non Disparagement: (it said) Customer agrees not to defame or in any way disparage company or to discuss the terms of this settlement or any transactions whatsoever he/she has had with company with any person, party, entity, agency unless compelled to do by operation of law. Customer further agrees not to, w/out the agreement & written approval of Company to contact any member of the media, post on any chat board, forum, or internet website, assist anyone in posting negative comments about company, either directly or indirectly whether such interests be property, reputation or showing up at properties where company is conducting business. Customer agrees that is he/she violates this agreement she shall owe liquidated damages to company at the minimum amount of $10,000. (and it goes on and on about breaching the contract, etc) and they want all kinds of signatures (but they are not getting mine)

Have you heard of these people? They prey on the elderly and people on Social Security which I am on and people who don't have very much money. Can they be stopped? And can I get my $3460 back. They stall and stall and don't answer you then say the customer caused negative damages when there are all kinds of complaints on the internet or other victims (wish I knew that then, but they push you for a discision right away) lie to you and misrepresent what is really going on. I already paid an agency $25.00 in Utah...a Consumer Protection Agency to help me, are you part of them? I really need some results. I looked at your demand letter, but they will just laugh at that one.

Hello. No I have not heard of them but if they have ongoing issues then generally the attorney general will get involved and shut them down for Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices Act. A legal cause of action could also be misrepresentation if they make promises to induce you to revoke your notice of cancellation, and then fail to follow through on that. We are not a consumer protection agency - I'm not sure which agency you filed with. Generally consumer protection agencies do NOT charge as it is subsidized by the government. The demand letter provides the basics; you would need to modify it to support your case. Then if they fail to respond, you can file in small claims for the $3460. I was not sure if you are in Utah (I know the potential defendant is). But you can file in small claims in the county where you reside. I would urge you to do so given the amount of money involved. Here is the link to the free, government sponsored website for consumer protection in Utah:
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I live in Spearfish, SD Lawrence County Like I said on Social Security, not much money

I understand. The link I gave you above to the attorney general is free, so that is perfect.

Your state allows claims of up to $12,500 in small claims, and you can request court costs as part of your damages.

Usually there is a facilitator at the courthouse that will assist you in preparing the paperwork, if need be.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It would not be a good idea for me to accept a check from this company in settlement would it. Shouldn't they credit my credit card where they got my money from in the first place?

That is correct. Generally, for a refund, the credit card account is credited, rather than a separate check being issued. This will raise a whole other host of issues -for example, if the check bounces. Also, it will give them information regarding your personal account information (ie when the check is deposited they will know your bank account #, and you don't want them having this information if they are indeed unscrupulous!)
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