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is there any recourse for a cabinet designer that charged us

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is there any recourse for a cabinet designer that charged us a 300% mark up on the manufactures cost of the cabinets? We used a local cabinet designer to purchase cabinets for our kitchen. He charged us a total of 34,000. We were able to get the bill for our order from the cabinet manufacturer (St Martin) and it came to a total of 11,500. Is there anything we can do about this designe taking full advantage of people that are not familiar with the kitchen redeign industry as he did with us?

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be glad to assist you in any way that I can,


I had my kitchen redone a couple of years ago, so I know exactly what you are saying and what you are going through; the markup is so high that it is unconscionable. It certainly hurts the manufacturer because less consumers will be ordering his products if they use the same designer. I wish I could tell you that you had several options, , but unfortunately, that is not the case in a free economy and where the manufacturer has not set a ceiling for the resale price of his products. This is what economists call free competition. The cabinet designer is in competition with other cabinet designers, but if consumers do not get several estimates from several cabinet designers, they never really find out what the cabinet designer's profit margin is.


Although you would not be receiving any discounts, you might want to inform the manufacturer what this cabinet designer's markup is because I am sure he is very interested in what the ultimate consumer has to pay for his products because it will eventually hurt his business in the long run.


You could raise this issue with the cabinet designer and tell him that you could have been a good source of "word of mouth" advertising to bring him more business, but since you have learned what his markup is, you will advertise what the cabinets cost him and what he charged you for them. The cabinet designer cannot do anything to you because what you will be telling your friends, neighbors, and anyone else who is in the market for redoing their kitchen, is the truth. He will eventually experience a loss of some of his business when his reputation for taking advantage of his customers becomes known. If he is an astute businessman, he will give you some kind of discount. If he does not make any concessions on the price, you will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that you exposed his business practices.


I realize that this is not what you wanted to hear, and I wish I could have given you the Answer you were hoping for, but I have an ethical obligation to give you only correct Answers and information, so I am respectfully XXXXX XXXXX you not hold the law of competition which is applicable to your situation against me when rating me because you will be rating my service to you and not if you like or agree with the law applicable to your situation,


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Andrea,

That is the answer I was expecting, i just wanted to be sure there was not some law that I was unaware of. thank you very much for your service.