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I was watching pornography on the internet, ordered a free

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I was watching pornography on the internet, ordered a free site, which was not free!!, and got a pop-up from the FBI that my computer was being monitored and that my browser was frozen (it sort of was), and I had 12 hours to buy a $300 green dot paypak for violation of 1 of 3 which I assumed to be child pornography which I did not do on purpose but some pictures appeared to be younger than 18. Do so or be arrested. I did as I was told just in case it was for real. Browser was to be unfrozen within 12 hours. Got a message to that effect later, but sometimes get same message again and browser freezes. Log out and get back in until freezes again which happens about every 30 minutes. I assume I was scammed. What do you think? Would the FBI handle situations in this matter? It just does not appear to me that they would but I would not doubt that they keep tabs on what consumers view online.

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Law enforcement does not collect fines by posting a message and freezing your browser. As you suspected you have been scammed. The perpetrators realize it is unlikely you would complain because of the material you were watching. If you paid by credit card file a claim with the credit card company and ask that your money be credited back to your account.


As far as your computer it is likely you have a virus, or a worm that caused some damage to the system. If you have a good virus checker it may be able to resolve the problem.




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