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I temporarily lived in an apartment and had Comcast. I moved

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I temporarily lived in an apartment and had Comcast. I moved out and have moving bill on 7/14/13. I was busy and turned in equipment 8/6/13. I asked to pay and they said there was nothing due at this time and I left. I was notified by a collection agency today I owed $75 dollars to Comcast and they wanted to collect. I said check with me tomorrow, there is some mistake. I went into Comcast office and had them pull up account, they said I owed $75 for service for a few days and 4 movie supposedly ordered when I wasn't even living there. 2 weeks after I moved out. The bill was due 9/6/13 ? Only a week ago! I never got any bill and I reminded them what they told me when I turned everything in, nothing due, but she quipped this time we never know when you turn stuff in what mat pop up?? why not tell me that when I turned equipment in, so i would know to check back..They took the payment but said they turn every bill to collection if it is a final bill on day due. Comcast rep said her computer told her when I was paying bill, to tell customer that late pay would appear on my credit report as paid but paid 30 days late??? It would be collection agency turning into my credit, they couldn't help.? No bill received, they send out no late notices on final bill. I am trying to close on current house we are living in and this will hurt my credit score as it has been pristine to get best rates. Calling their Consumer help line is a joke and read Internet millions say same thing. Funny,Comcast VP of Consumer affairs just gave huge business leaders talk in NY about Quality Customer service is the most important thing to changing consumer, yet read about theirs, No other business of any National Company has as many Internet blogs,forums or complaints as Comcast. I am worried what this will do to my credit score and getting best loan rate, yet I can find no competent way to communicate with Comcast. Unlike some companies you can access a person with decision making abilities, not Comcast. I need help on disputing late pay!! I have moving bill and paid for the whole $75 dollars even though it showed movies ordered when I had moved out!! How do I stop it from getting to credit bureau, I know how to dispute it, but that takes months and shows up and lowers score until resolved. With not a high enough score , loan could cost me $250 more a month for 30 years.
Hi! I switched to this format because apparently none of my answers were registering on Chat. I apologize for the delay.

First I am sorry to hear of this and undertand your frustration. I have done some research and have some information for you.

The dispute process does take awhile, but keep in mind that generally, when there is a pending dispute, the lender will inquire to the potential borrower as to the facts of the dispute. If the borrower can indicate a valid reason, with supporting documents (ie the fact that it was paid, the fact that the lease expired) then most lenders have the authority to physically overwrite this and not have it factored into the decision re: rates. That being said, here are sample letters that can be sent to the credit bureaus and the original creditor/collection agency. This will help substantiate your case with the potential lender.

Also, since it does appear difficult if not impossible to get someone to assist you, you can check with the secretary of state to locate the registered agent. Please see: The number for this corporation is(NNN) NNN-NNNN and their address can be accessed with the above link. Once this agent receives your letter (see if they have fax/email for quicker delivery) perhaps they can refer it to the appropriate person.

Another alternative (though impractical and costly) is to sue them for a declaratory judgment, and a request for specific performance - to have the negative report removed. However, this generally cannot be done in small claims, so the process is not within your time frame, unfortunately.

Hopefully the registered agent will take this issue seriously and will either direct this matter to an appropriate executive, or provide the contact information to you. I have tried to find a contact person within the company to no avail- which is actually common when they engage the services of an outside company as the registered agent.

I had to re-type this and I don't believe I left anything out, but please be sure and follow up if I did!. Thank you.
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I wanted to be sure and thank you for using JA/Pearl.

I hope you found the information I provided useful.
Hopefully this gets resolved quickly given the impending loan situation.
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Take care.

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PS-many thanks for the bonus- 'tis appreciated!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have chosen you as my legal expert as A Premeir member. I have filed complaint, verbally with an idiot at Comcast. On there website, but had to use outside source as they have no direct Custer service email and by certified mail. I have never seen so many complaints on one company on Internet as them. Funny how their Vice Presodent of Consumer affairs was lauded in New York Aug 6th for speech he gave to Fortune 500 company leaders for the changing customer and good quality Customer Service to survive in today's environment. Ha, and they lead Internet complaints (()see Internet) and have no HUMAN CONTACTS with authority or knowledge or ability to just write and ask. Their forums are monitored and reply a question like yours has already been asked, see forum. Hours of searching, yet nothing close. I did put in my letter the Comcast statement on how late bills are handled which wasn't done with me, which imakes it promoted Company Printed procedure and gives me leverage in Consumer Protection laws and they used wrong address too! I also sent them copy of moving bill already provided rep at local service center showing I didn't even live there at the time!!!Thanks again!!
Thank you for that. That is very kind of you.

I understand how frustrating this is as these companies with "monopolies" treat customers. When looking into this for you, I also spent some time checking out their site, and was rather frustrated with the lack of a real human contact.

I hope the letter gets some results - in a timely fashion.