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My son and his wife bought a used car in Apr 2012. They were

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My son and his wife bought a used car in Apr 2012. They were told by the dealer that it had been in an accident and repaired. They recently tried to trade the car in and learned that it was a rebuilt salvage piece that had been totalled, with a current value of ZERO. The car was purchased in MD. What, if any, recourse do they have?
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How much did they purchase the vehicle for?

How much were they trying to trade the car in for?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Not sure of purchase price. My son told me they put $3000 down and financed rest thru dealer. Total of payments would be about $9000. I don't know what they were trying to buy, or how much as a trade. just a car with better mileage performance.

Thank you for the information.

If the car is worthless, then they would look to the dealership for redress. Either the dealership would reimburse them the total purchase price minus the remaining balance of the loan financed by the dealership, or they can sue the dealership for unfair and deceptive act and practice for selling them a salvaged auto that is worthless and lying about it and for the return of the purchase price, if the dealership refuses or ignores their demand for reimbursement.

So, first they need to speak with the sales manager and go from there.

They may also want to file complaint with the Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau if the dealership does not cooperate:

Maryland Attorney General's Office

Better Business Bureau

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