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Regarding E-ZPass, on 6/18 I paid The Port Authority of NY

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Regarding E-ZPass, on 6/18 I paid The Port Authority of NY $33 and had a $0 balance.

On 8/8 they charged me a Retained Tag fee of $25. I wrote a letter asking that the balance be returned to $0.

They said "no" on 8/21. On 9/7 they added an Account Revocation Fee of $25, on top of $1/month service fees.

I suppose I would lose if I disputed (again - if that is possible) the Retained tag fee. However, how do I dispute the Account Revocation Fee of $25?

LegalGems :

Hi! LegalGems here. I have extensive consumer law experience and will use this to assist you with your issue today. Unfortunately if an account is delinquent for longer than 30 days, they charge an account revocation fee. However, based on the information provided there was no such delinquency. Documentation showing that money was deposited in the account should be submitted to fix this error. Please see page 3 of the attached re: account revocation fees


Even if the account was over 30 days late, taking another $25 for "Revocation," on top of taking $25 for a "Retained Tag" fee (less than a month earlier), seems grossly unfair. If I wanted to appeal, where would I go? Art. 78?

LegalGems :

Yes, it would be an article 78 petition to the courts. Sorry for the delay - we had site issues and I was unable to post anything (well, anything that would stick!) for quite some time.

LegalGems :

You may want to ask the port authority for a final decision before appealing - so if you provide them the documentation they may reverse it.

LegalGems :

The statute of limitations for an ART 78 issue is 4 months from the date the issue arose, so please keep that in mind.

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