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My question is I donated a vehicle to the Make-A-Wish foundation

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My question is I donated a vehicle to the Make-A-Wish foundation back in 05/17/2012 the Make-A-Wish foundation sent out a tow truck picked the vehicle up. On 05/29/2012 we left the state on vacation we were gone for 2 1/2 weeks. About a week into the vacation Make-A-Wish foundation gave me a call on my cell phone to tell me that the child support division had put a hold on the title therefore not letting them change it over. Before I donated this vehicle I had put in a request with child support for a review of the monies owed, at that time they were supposed to be working on it to get me the years the amount that I was supposed to pay to clear or up the confusion. The monies they had me paying at that time would've been about $3000 more a month than I was making. As far as I knew child-support division was working on a review with the other state that was asking for the child-support, and at this point I did not know of any freezes on any of my personal. When I got the call from Make-A-Wish foundation about the title I told them that I would clear it up when I got back to the state from vacation a week and a half later when I returned back home I called child-support they said they had sent it back to the original state for review and they would release the title so I called Make-A-Wish foundation to tell them and got an answer of they had taken care of the problem the vehicle was sold. Had not received anything except for the donation receipt from wheels for wishes which is benefiting Make-A-Wish foundation. Then on 07/06/2013 I received a notification letter from motor vehicles department that they could not renew the registration on the vehicle we were still driving until we paid a $500 abandonment fee for this vehicle that we had donated. Upon taking the receipt from the tow truck driver and a receipt from wheels for wishes to prove that I had donated this vehicle I was informed that the year on the receipt was incorrect it was one year off. And then I was informed that the vehicle identification number was correct and they could not except the receipt as proof of donation until I got it straightened out that day I came home and I called wheels for wishes and asked for a corrected receipt they did send me this receipt. I also called the tow truck company and request the same one week later I had not received the receipt from the tow truck company upon calling the tow truck company again they informed me they were not able to give me an updated receipt even though they knew that the vehicle did sell as a 1977 this was in the information in the first e-mail they sent me so I replied with if you knew it was a 77 and you marked it as a 76 why can't you give me an updated receipt? Their second e-mail reply said " they did not share the internal communication it took to get me the answer that they gave me and that they are governed by the state of XX the answer they gave me came from an employee that works in the XX motor vehicles department." And then the e-mail goes on to say " the vehicle was put in our system as a "76" and due to the vin not being a standard 17 digit number the computer system did not catch the error. Therefore the only receipt that they could print me would print out as a "76" not a "77". Now because child-support division put a hold on the title the company that bought the vehicle opted for abandonment now this all happened before I called wheels for wishes back when they gave me confirmation that it had been taking care of "the vehicle had sold." This was in the middle of June 2012,
in October 2012 motor vehicles department picked up the abandoned vehicle took it to the impound. they did not send me a letter tell 7/06/2013 which was >the registration on my vehicle could not be renewed until I paid the fees. I hope I gave you all the information because this is my question> do I have a leg to stand on with the motor vehicles department for not accepting the receipt, I have not tried going back into the motor vehicles department to try the one receipt that I do have that was updated I do however have all the e-mails that I received from the general manager of the tow truck company where he in the e-mail states that the vehicle did sell is a 77 which was the right year.

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be glad to assisst you in any way that I can and provide you with Excellent Service,


I am sorry to hear of all the trouble you are encountering just trying to make a donation of your vehicle,


You asked,


"I hope I gave you all the information because this is my question> do I have a leg to stand on with the motor vehicles department for not accepting the receipt ..........."





You certainly have more than just a leg to stand on because you have all the backup information from the towing company and the charity itself. Moreover, the Department of Motor Vehicles should know exactly that your vehicle was a '77 because of its VIN Number that you had been registering it under while you were still the owner, and this is reflected in the records of the Department of Motor Vehicles. I am sorry to say this, but if the personnel at the Department of Motor Vehicles used their brain a little and used a little common sense, it would go a very long way to alleviate many of the problems motorists encounter because of them,


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