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I opened an account at a credit union. The bank googled

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I opened an account at a credit union.

The bank googled my name today, after having an account for four months.. for no reason.

Are banks allowed to do this? This seems like an invasion of privacy.

I did not give the bank my personal website url or authorize them to search my name on any search engine.

Is this illegal? What remedy is available to me?

Hello and welcome to Just Answer. For over 35 years, I have answered questions just like yours. And I look forward to assisting you.


Thanks for your question. Please note that when you first opened your account, your bank by law provided you with the laws of privacy and how the bank uses or cannot use your information. Regardless, a banking relationship is not for a specific term like a car loan or a rental agreement. Instead, the bank always reserves the right to cancel your banking relationship. For example, if a customer bounced too many checks, the bank can cancel the account. Accordingly, Googling your name is XXXXX XXXXX invasion of privacy as the bank has the right to conduct due diligence and to make sure that they do not have a banking relationship with anyone that they do not feel meets their customer profile.


thanks for understanding. I always feel bad providing advice you may not want to hear.


Please be so kind as to rate my answer ok or better so that I am compensated for helping you. I wish you well.

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