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I need to know where to go to find the law that was in effect

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I need to know where to go to find the law that was in effect in 2007 or 2006 prior to the law CCRP 682 being updated and changed in 2007.
Dear Customer,

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Unfortunately, legislative history research requires the use of fairly expensive research servers (the larger ones are Lexis Nexis and West Law) which charge separably for each state (we cannot service all 50 states plus federal law with these services).

I did do about 30 minutes worth of research on this issue, and I believe I was able to come up with the basic information regarding the difference between the prior statute and the current statute. The prior statute allowed the District Attorney to appoint a District Attorney from another district, while the new statute does not. I am going to list a couple of references, but the primary one with the law I am citing comes from an appellate court decision (the statutory law reference is at the bottom of the order in footnote 1:

You can find the distinction between that and the current legislative scheme here:

With a case law discussion of the historic law here:

And another from 2007 (at the time of the change in policy) here:

I am sorry that I cannot provide you with more direct information (I have worked to give you the best I can within a reasonable time frame and the limitations on research tools available). If you require further research, I would recommend using your local law library or using a short term subscription to either Lexis Nexis or West Law (either one will be useful, West Law is slightly more user friendly, but Lexis did come out with a new platform a month or two ago).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, I will follow up.

Thank you for using our service, I hope that it is at least helpful in placing you in the right direction. Please do not forget to rate my service so that I can be compensated. I wish you the best of luck in this matter, and again please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Maybe I did not ask my question correctly. I need to read the law concerning the replacement of self recused district attorneys. I understand your explanation of the difference - but I need to read the law as it was written before the 2007 revision. Where do I find the archives of the old law?

You are looking for "Legislative History" or an "annotated code" (preferably the legislative history).

Your law library is the cheapest option, but you need to have access to it. Lexis Nexis or West Law would be easiest, but they will charge a small fee for access. You would input the statute you are referring to and it will give you the legislative history and the prior statutory language.

If you are looking to do detailed research as to the prior law, there is really no substitute to using one of those two research engines to do this type of work (both services now employ a "common word search" system so the search system is much more user friendly).

Please let me know if this more clearly answers your question (if I am still not on the right track, please let me know, I want to ensure I am able to answer your question properly - sometimes this "chat" forum can make it a little cumbersome to come to a complete common understanding and I apologize for any undue delay).
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