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Pulled my credit report, bunch of charge offs and collections,

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Pulled my credit report, bunch of charge offs and collections, some settled for less than balance marks as well. If the charge offs are going to fall off my report in about a year, is it wise to try and contact these creditors to start paying down the balance, and if so does it extend the time that this history is reported on my credit report?

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Charge Offs


If a creditor has charged off your debt, then it no longer has it on their books and you would not be able to pay them anything because there is nothing to reference your payment to. Even if you could pay them, it would be illegal from a tax standpoint for them to accept any payments from you. Once a creditor charges off a debt, it sells it to collection companies for pennies on the dollar and they try to trick the debtor into making payments on worthless debts. So it is not a good idea to pay any charge offs


Collection Companies


It is not a good idea to pay anything to collection agencies because even the smallest payment will start the Statute of Limitations running all over again.


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