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Have a signed contract to purchase a used car; decided it was

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Have a signed contract to purchase a used car; decided it was a fraudulent deal as I could not duplicate the dealer price basis shown on the Kelly Blue Book website they referenced. Did not take possession of their car or leave my trade in. No funds were exchanged. It is my impression the contract does not execute until I drive their vehicle off their lot and render my trade in. Can I walk away from this? What is the dealers recourse likely to be? It has been less than 24 hours since this occurred.


Hello and thank you for the question.


You have a right to cancel and deem it rescinded


basis for doing so would be seller fraud/misrepresentation


as you have not consummated the deal by providing the vehicle for trade, simply alert the seller right away, in writing, by e-mail or certified mail that you are not going forward.


Is that clear?


Would that have the same legal standing as "fraudulent inducement ?

Yes, it would. It is based on misrepresentation and basis for rescission. I converted out of chat because it was not functioning or letting me reply back to you. I trust the answer is clear and wish you the best. Kindly rate it as excellent.
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