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After typing a question (that took me 2 hrs, as I have a broken

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After typing a question (that took me 2 hrs, as I have a broken shoulder, arm and wrist) the question mysteriously disappeared. Not wanting to waste any unnecessary time I will try to shorten this, and then you may be able to ask me the questions that are really relevant to my dilemma. Here goes! I rented a storage building. I did not fill out a rental agreement. All was done verbally. I was supposed to meet the owner, of who I spoke to verbally, and he was supposed to meet me the next day. I put a lot of appliances such as a 60 year old refrigerator that was almost like new. The owner never showed up, called or nothing. In the meantime I was in an accident that broke my body all to pieces. I also learned that I may have terminal bone cancer. About 6 weeks later some woman called me to inform me that SHE had taken over the storage units and I owed about $600. I told her of my delima and also told her I was a good friend of the owners, good friend. I called MY friend and asked him if he would call the REAL owner and ask if he would extend some leniency. He told my friend to tell me to call the girl who was now OVER the units and to have some people with me to help me move all of my things out of the storage and I owed him (the new owner) $300, that I could pay as I sold some of my possessions at the auction. Well it so happens that another good friend of mine actually built the storage units and sold them to the NOW owner. My friend who sold the units also runs an auction house and told me he would help me get some men together and move the things I had out of the storage units and we could auction off what I didn't want and apply this to my rent I owed to the NOW owner. Yes, this gets deep! I called the girl who is now OVER the units as far a rent access etc. She informed me that the REAL owner the friend of my friend told her to tell me that I needed to show up with $360. and I could get my things out of the unit. I told the girl that the only thing I really wanted was the 60 year old refrigerator. She informed me there was NO refrigerator i n the unit, as they had cut my lock off too see what was inside and the re-locked the unit with their lock. After much pleading I convinced her to let me see for myself what was STILL in the storage unit. Finally I got her to open the unit and sure enough NO refrigerator. I was so pissed that I didn't even take the time to inventory the rest of the things in the unit. I told her that I was going to file a police report that my refrigerator was stolen out of my unit. The girl then replied GOOD my husband is on the police dept. Not good for me or anyone in this town with less than 2000 population and 19 police officers. OK, moving on, I have not done anything yet... I was informed by the original owner and builder of the storage units that the GIRL and her POLICE OFFICER OWN a buy and sell (junk??? shop). Last but not the least the builder of the units informed me they (the girl, her husband, the new owner or anyone) had NOT the right to cut off my lock without any notice of any kind and they had violated interstate transport laws. What do you think or can recommend to me concerning this mess! Thank you for your help, damn my shoulder hurts! Gary Xxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you. Kindly use CONTINUE or REPLY button to ask for clarification or follow-up questions.

I am sorry to read what happened. You do have remedies—you do have recourse.

The Self storage facility did not follow the laws when the unit was rented to you and did not follow the law of notifying you in writing when you were delinquent. The facility did not follow the law in entering your unit and disposing of your personal property. In short, the facility did not follow proper procedures in their dealings with you and thus HAS NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER TO TAKE YOUR ITEMS OR LOCK YOU OUT OF THE UNIT. You can file lawsuit against the facility demanding access to the unit and for recovery of the value of all personal property that the facility has improperly disposed off. See Mississippi Code TITLE 85 Chapter 7 Sections 85-7-121 through 85-7-129 especially Sections 85-7-123 and 85-7-125:

You may also file complaint against the facility at your Attorney General's Office for unfair and deceptive act and practice:

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