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Are pharmacies such as Walgreens required to send all their

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Are pharmacies such as Walgreens required to send all their prescription customers to consultation before they can get their prescriptions? I have been using same prescriptions over and over and over and yet the pharmacy won't let me take them unless I tell the pharmacist in person at a different window that I decline consultation. Once I was kept waiting ten minutes because he was busy.

I called Walgreens headquarters and they said all states require this. I then checked Wisconsin statutes and it seems it is required if the drug is antimicrobial, and they have to make sure the customer is not allergic to it. None of the drugs I take is antimicrobial.

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LegalGems :

Thank you for your patience. According to Phar 7.01e, the pharmacist is required to give "appropriate" consultation: please see and also please see 7.015 (2)(q) which requires the pharmacist to provide a consultation before transferring the prescription to the patient.


LegalGems :

So unfortunately, yes the pharmacist is legally responsible to provide a consultation for all prescription medicine.



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