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Was opening a can of campbells soup, the type with a pull tab,

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Was opening a can of campbells soup, the type with a pull tab, and the top exploded off the can showering me with refuse and a LOUD concussive force that hurt my ears with a deafening blast as well as pushing the pull tab onto my hand with a flat force that bruised my hand and stung my hand for hours later as well as the ringing in my ears and hurt of my ears. Not to mention the mess of cleaning the kitchen and myself. I have had a real fear of opening those cans and nightmares of them being grenades and blowing me to pieces. Now I am a 55 year old man and not to be scared that easily but this was one scary incident in my life as well as the pain of my loss of hearing. There was no blood or cuts just blunt force trauma of the blast and the mess of clean up as well as the constant ringing in my ears. Now I am not wanting something for nothing but this needs to be addressed and I have told them via email and tried calling but there offices were closed on the weekend. I served in the U.S. Army and to have flashbacks because of this is alarming. Please let me know what I can do if anything. I checked the can and it was well within expiration period. not expiring til Oct 2014. This has happened just this morning at 0845 hrs.

Hello there


My suggestion to you in this situation is to go to the hospital emergency room immediately (tonight) and have your ears and hearing checked out so that you will have a documented injury from this exploding can and you may be able to get some compensation from the company because of it. You should also save the remnants of everything that is left (put it into a ziploc bag) and if the kitchen is still a mess then take pictures of the area where the can exploded. The difference between making a solid claim against any company in a situation such as this and not receiving anything for what happened to you is the amount of documentation that you have showing what happened and how you were injured (and a doctors confirmation of your injuries). Then I suggest that you contact your local county bar association the first thing on Monday to put you in touch with an attorney in your county who can contact the company and handle this matter for you. Your local county bar association should be online and in the yellow pages and almost all of them have attorney referral services where they will give you the names of several local personal injury attorneys and you can speak with a few of them and then decide with the advice of the attorney on how to proceed next with these matters.


Please let me know if you have further questions.




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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Frankly, mary, I had hoped for a more detailed answer as this is so generalized and something I had already known/done. Except the having hearing tested but have discounted that because can not prove that it is the reason for damage but maybe for extended damages which is harder to prove. what about anguish and other such damages as there were no real lasting injuries other than that and the fact that it had happened. Unfortunately my wife had cleaned up most of the mess because of safety issues of falling which I almost did several times from the slickness of the materials. Please dig deeper into your repertoire so I can dignify your responses with something other than WTF is this??? Thank you

Hello David --


This is just a question and answer service to give you some suggestions on where to turn next. If you were my client I would have many suggestions for you in addition to what I imparted above. I am not permitted to give you a step by step repertoire on what you should do to handle the entire case as the constraints of the website do not permit me to go on at that length.


I will opt out and put your question back on the board in case any other attorney has anything further to add -- however, I actually gave you more than most would here -- they would tell you preserve the evidence and hire a local lawyer. I thought my answer went further than that. And you hurt your case if you do not have medical documentation of the injuries you suffered -- if it just happened this morning you will have no idea what long term consequences you will have unless you seek initial and follow up medical treatment -- that is the point.


Good Luck.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Mary, I am not used to these sites or their constraints to info imparted to us the consumer. Giving just enough to make sure you come back for more. There is no fingers pointing your way and I would have hoped you would have pointed towards the anguish portion as I asked in the first and seconds remarks. Can you say more on this part just to whether I have a chance or not and the possibilities of these chances.

New Expert here.

May I ask in which city or town this happened?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Chelsea, Okla is the town tho I live outside of town on a small place in the country. I do not want something for nothing. but I know right from wrong and this was wrong. TY

It sounds like you were injured by a defective product and can claim all damages caused by the incident, including emotional distress, and including stress that stemmed from preexisting PTSD plus the incident. There is a saying in tort law that you take your plaintiff as you find (him or her). It's not your fault that you had a preexisting sensitivity to stress and explosions, and it is foreseeable that some consumers of that product will be unusually susceptible to stress.

You can get a free consultation from some of the local products liability attorneys listed at

Please follow upon this with a local attorney. My opinion is that you have a valid case. It will be necessary to preserve the can and any remaining contents as evidence, and for testing by your attorneys' consultants to determine the cause of the explosion.

I hope this information is helpful.
N Cal Attorney, Attorney
Satisfied Customers: 9395
Experience: since 1983
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you ,Mary, now that is what I needed to know. If there is a way to ask for you only if there is a next time, Let me know, til then, God Bless

Thank you for accepting my answer.

I am not Mary but you can find me at
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Had I realized at the time that I was speaking with a different person I would have rated you at a much higher level of satisfaction. Please accept my apologies there. At least someone has the pride of worth to do what they are asked to do instead of thinking they are too good for the job. Now that really gripes my butt. Not you the previous one. Sorry I regress, needless to say, but I will. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Thank you. I'll ask customer service if you change the rating.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Unfortunately, they will not allow the change becuz of the paperwork involved but suffice it to say, You know how I feel, they know how I feel and I am very grateful for your assistance. Thank you again and I wam pursuing this further on this end. Take care,


David J. Honeycutt

Past Commander

D.A.V. Oklahoma

Thank you Sir.