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My 8 year old Grandaughter was on an amusement ride that was

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My 8 year old Grandaughter was on an amusement ride that was not properly secured by the ride attendant. She was smart enough to secure the gate herself with the chain. Thr ride began her gate started flapping open. I ran to the attendant to tell him to stop the ride, but before I did, another woman mentioned it to now a new attendant who did close her gate properly but only as the ride was coming to a halt. (1) before my Grandaughter even got on the ride, the attendant snapped at her and brushed her back for trying to give him her tickets for the ride, I let that go. (2) I noticed that he walked past her seat not checking it as he did the others causing me to keep close eyes on her (3) the attendant who started the ride is now somewhere else and a new attendant closes her door after the fact. (4) when approached, he indicates that my Grandaughter opened the door herself during the ride. I refuted that and begins to tell me that two other riders did it last week. (5) I ask to speak to someone in management, he leaves to go to another ride and the woman never comes to speak to me (6) I stop someone who just happens to be passing and she is the ride manager. Al I get is an apology saying she will take care of it. I want to speak to the original attendant, was told he gets off at seven. I ask to speak with someone in customer service. She comes only to offer an apology and as she does, I look up and notice that the old attendant is back. I never get a chance to speak to him and left the part very unsatisfied. Had my Grandaughter not chained the door herself she would have been thrown from the ride and possibly KILLED. An apology is unacceptable. What are my recourses?
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I am sorry to read about your difficulties.

You need to file Complaint with Pennsylvania Bureau of Ride and Measurement, which is under Department of Agriculture. This Bureau is charged with regulating amusement rides in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, after exhaustive search, I could not find the complaint form for the Amusement Ride Safety Program. So, you need to contact the Department of Agriculture on Monday by phone and file your complaint.

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