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Hello, my name isXXXXX I am collections with midland

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Hello, my name isXXXXX I am collections with midland credit management for a Verizon account from over 3 years ago. The problem is this account should not exist. I closed my account with Verizon and asked what to do with the equipment. They said they would send a box and I was to ship it back to them. I had a outstanding balance that I was disputing because of loss of service. So about 3 months later I get a bill for not only the 2 months full payment but an extra $375.87 added to the bill. So I called and asked why and they told me I never returned the equipment to them. So I was told where to now bring it and I did that day. It was all scanned in and I called to verify this when I returned home. A while later we agreed on a payment and I settled the bill. Now I have been in collections for over 3 years for the $887.87 account that never existed. I have called Verizon and they tell me to call midland credit and tell them to cancel my bill. Imagine if it were that easy to cancel a bill. I have had to refinance at a higher rate and was denied as a cosigner on my daughters student loan because of this fictitious account that Verizon will not do anything about! Oh they told me they no longer own this account and cannot call to remove it either! Is there some legal way to have this stopped before hiring an attorney and suing for what this has cost me! Thanks George K.


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Send a dispute of debt letter simultaneously with a cease and desist letter to Midland. This is should be a simple letter to Midland to stop contacting you with regard to the debt because you do not owe this debt, that you have already settled the debt with Verizon. Pursuant to Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Midland must stop contacting you immediately for the debt, but Midland can then file a lawsuit, which would then respond to and deny that you owe the debt and ask the Court to dismiss it. You can find sample dispute and cease and desist letters on the web site below:

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