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Chase Auto Finance just sent me a refund check for late fees

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Chase Auto Finance just sent me a refund check for late fees incurred on a leased vehicle I returned approximately 7 or 8 years ago. I have the following issues:

1. Why did they wait so long to refund the monies?
2. I do not believe they included interest.
3. How many other people were also affected by this miscalculation procedure?
4. Can this be turned into a class action and/or how would I find a lawyer to help with such a claim?

LegalGems :

Hi! LegalGems here. My goal: To Do My Best To Assist You. Please remember, I can only provide general information,as this is a public forum.

LegalGems :

That is unusual for a company to send a refund check for transactions that occurred 7-8 years ago, because generally the statute of limitations would have run by then. You can find out if other people are contemplating a class action, or if a class action has in fact been initiated by checking with

LegalGems :

If they did not include interest, you can send them a demand letter requesting interest fees; but again generally actions based on events this old are beyond the statute of limitations.

LegalGems :

I have done some research and cannot find indication of other consumers receiving a check, but it is possible there is no information if, for example, no one is complaining. You may want to contact the company to ensure that it is not a scam, however, because if you deposit it in your account, they will be able to access your financial information.

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