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I took a ring to a jewelry store to have it sized. I was told

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I took a ring to a jewelry store to have it sized. I was told that there were some damaged prongs on it and that it would cost me $314.91 to repair it. I paid the money and sign the agreement. Now the jewelry store is telling me that it will cost me another $300 to do all the prongs. The agreement says retip prongs as needed. Refinish. It does not give a specific number of prongs that need to be retipped. They will not repair the ring at all unless I pay the additional $300. Of course I refused and I'm getting my ring back. What rights do I have that would require they fix my ring with the original cost that I paid. Can they do that? Can they come right behind a signed agreement and charge me more money because they realized they screwed up? By the way, this is a very popular chain jewelry store.

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If the store gave you an estimate of the cost of repairing the ring and yuou had not paid the $300, then there would not have been a contract. However, in your situation a contract between you and the store was made when you paid the $300 for the repair and they are obligated to repair the ring. If you tell them that they are obligated to perform the repairs and they still refuse to perform the repairs, you can file a lawsuit in Small Claims Court and demand that they perform the repairs and you can also ask the Judge to have them pay the Court costs you incurred in filing the lawsuit,





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