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How to keep collection agency debt off credit report

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I worked for a temp agency and in April 2012 they claimed that they overpaid me by $250 and would deduct the overpayment from my checking account (I had direct deposit). I never followed up with them to verify that they recovered the money. I continued working with them until December 2012.


In May 2013, I got a call from a collection agency saying that I had an unpaid debt to the temp agency. I asked for verification of the debt and followed up with the temp agency, and they said that the were unable to recover the debt in the 8 months that I continued working with them, and they sent a letter to a former address in March 2013 demanding payment and when I didn't respond (because I never received the letter), they sold the debt to the collection agency.


I don't mind paying the debt but is there anything I can do to keep it off my credit report? The temp agency said that I can't repay them directly because they sold the debt to the collection agency so I fear that if I pay the collection agency it will appear on m credit report. 


It seems unfair that the temp agency didn't bother trying to collect the debt in the 8 months that I continued working with them and waited until well after my employment ended before trying to colllect the debt and sent it to a collection agency when I didn't respond to the 48 hour demand letter they emailed to my old address (obviously I didn't bother to keep them updated with my current address after my employment with them had ended)

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Whether a negative remark is reported to a credit bureau is up to the collection agency and not you. Likewise, if it is their practice to report it, there is nothing that you can do. Sorry.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

After speaking with the temp agency again they agreed to accept payment for the debt and said that it would have no affect on my credit.

Sounds like they will not report it which is great. But get this in writing so you have something to argue in case they don't keep their word.

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