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Category: Consumer Protection Law
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Hello!I wrote an email of complaint to the store Staples!Here

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Hello!I wrote an email of complaint to the store Staples!Here is the email: Hello! I am a disabled veteran attending online college through vocational rehabilitation program! My name isXXXXX am enrolled in the Staples Premium Rewards program!I have a complaint about the Staples Tech service and treatment I received at my
house and then in store regarding my laptop computer! Previously I was sick and unexpectedly admitted to the hospital for a week, two weeks later my 92 year old step-father died in South Carolina and I attended the funeral, and I had several up and coming surgeries! In the mist of all this I did not remember the new password XXXXX I created! I had to pay Staples Tech associate about $200 to get into my laptop computer!
When my laptop computer was returned in working order I did not assign a
password!I just clicked on the picture image and I was in! So when the Staples Tech called to ask me for the password XXXXX did not decisively
know why a password XXXXX needed to fix my laptop computer!What the Staples Tech associate did next was outrageous after everything that I went through and still going through!The tech associate did not call to tell me that I would lose all my files for him to repair my laptop computer!
I should have been called and notified prior to doing something so drastic and severe I suffered the loss of all my hard work when I am trying to rebuild my life today as I know it!I have since used the laptop computer and I have not assigned a password XXXXX I am able to use without!

Additionally he changed my Netgear 7 password XXXXX what I made up to what he wrote down on the day that he visited my house! After he left I could not recognize his handwriting and I was not able to get onto the internet! I called the store he was out sick! I tried all the combinations that I could think but nothing worked because of
his handwriting.

LADY LAWYER : Hello Robin I am happy to provide you with legal information today! Please give me a moment to review your question and to answer you.
LADY LAWYER : I am so sorry to read about what you have been through!
LADY LAWYER : The letter looks really good but I did not see a particular question associated with it. I am happy to answer any questions you might have!

Do I have a legal right to ask for compensation for what happened to me? If so what sort of compensation should I ask for? Thanks in advance,Customer/p>

LADY LAWYER : Thanks so much for clarifying! You can ask for damages for your lost files as long as the tech did not follow Staple's policy of alerting you to the fact that you were going to lose them and allowed you the opportunity to create back up copies. I would also ask for a refund for anything you paid for their services. Further, if this has caused you extreme stress and hardship, you may include a claim for emotional distress.
LADY LAWYER : I see you're not online right now, but if you have any further questions or need additional clarification, please just let me know. ThanksCustomer

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