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I have a small videography company and I use my camera to create

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I have a small videography company and I use my camera to create films for extra income. I sent my camera off for repair to a company called Unfortunately I should have checked with the better business bureau. Also there is no reviews on this company. I sent the camera in way back in april. they charged me over $400.00 for the repairs and sent it back. They replaced two parts in the cam they said needed replacing.

I took the camera for a test and unfortunately it is not fixed at all. I also checked with a reputable company (yes I should have used them but they are expensive) and turns out this company replaced the wrong parts. When I inquired about my camera they are now saying that the necessary parts have been back ordered and will not be available until Sept. I am thinking this is a fishy company. I have spent over $400.00 and now have no camera and nothing to show for it. Can you advise what my recourse might be? Thanks.
Don K
Polytelis Media
Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to answer your question.

I am sorry to hear about this unfortunate situation.

Is this company located in California?

Did you ask this company for a full refund, since they failed to properly repair your camera?

How did you pay for this repair, i.e. credit card, check, PayPal, etc...?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Alex:


Yes this is the company i dealt with.


Here is their information.

1947 West Glenoaks Blvd.
Glendale , Ca 91201



Before I ask the company for a complete refund I wanted to weigh my choices and the situation. Bear in mind that the stage right now is that they will now order the "correct" parts but those are not available until at least September.


I paid by check and it was cashed.


If its helpful I can forward on the complete email correspondence with the company. The only part that was not recorded by email is where they mentioned that they would next charge me only for the new parts and no labor.


At this point I am tempted to try and get my camera back AND get a refund. To repair the camera at a solid company with good reputation I have learned is about $800.00 so you can imagine how I would be inclined to still try and have this company help me. However it seems that they are not only incompetent but offer horrible customer service. ie.

The necessary parts not even available until Sept! I sent the cam originally in April.


Thanks for your help and suggestions. I am more than happy to provide any info you need or answer further questions.




Thank you for your follow up.

I do not need to review the entire email exchange on this.

Can you please tell me if you are able to order the needed replacement parts elsewhere?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am unable to locate the Image stabilization unit elsewhere Alex but perhaps if I dig hard it may be possible. this is a valuable but older camera and so parts are not as easy to locate.


I am also now a bit worried that this company is not very competent and there is concerns that if they couldnt diagnose the correct problem with correct parts initially they may not complete this job in a professional manner as well even if I wait until Sept or longer to have them service my camera.


Thank you for your follow up.

Did this repair company acknowledge the fact that they replaced wrong parts that were not broken or malfunctioning or do you have a written confirmation from the reputable, but expensive repair company regarding this fact?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I obtained the information from Video One the expensive place which repairs cameras like mine. They have written files that report that it was the image stablization unit that needed to be replaced. It's important to be honest and precise here Alex and so I did consult with them a couple of years ago what needed to be done and replaced and they quoted that the part needed was the image stabilization unit. This is the unit that is now on back order by


Not being an expert on camera repairs I simply forgot about their assessment only that they were expensive and because of the time window negated what Video one had told me. Instead I took the word of camcorderrepair that the video head and 3CCD unit needed to be replaced. Which it didnt unfortunately.


I called Video one a few weeks ago and they had my old file on hand verifying that it was indeed the Image stablization unit that needed to be replaced. A confirmation that unfortunately came a bit late for me since already had begun working on my camera.


I also received an apology in writing via email that stated that they would now do it correctly. Which I can forward on to you.






Thank you for your follow up.

One more piece of information please.

What is the cost of the part and the cost of repair if you go with reputable company vs. the company that currently has your camera and has to wait for back ordered part?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Video One the reputable company will replace the defective part and perform service on the camera for about $800.00. You can easily see why I chose camcorder as their original quote was that to repair my camera would only be about $300.00. I took a risk obviously in using them but I found no negative reviews about them. I should have checked BBB though as they say they are listed with BBB and they are not!


Thank you for your follow up.

It appears that in a case similar to this, it comes down to couple of choices and it is really more of a personal, rather than a legal choice.

Basically, if you have proof that the did not properly fix the camera and replaced wrong parts, you do have the right to demand a full refund from the company in writing and return of your camera and if they fail to provide you with full refund, you can file formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and also file a small claims lawsuit against this company.

The other choice would be to give them another chance and, as long as, you can wait until September to allow them to fix the camera and see if you are happy with it and if the problem is completely fixed. If the problem is fixed, that would be the end of the story and if not, then you would still be able to demand a refund for any work that was not done correctly.

I wish you the best of luck!
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