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Andrea, Esq.
Andrea, Esq., Lawyer
Category: Consumer Protection Law
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andrea, how r u? i need some answers, relating back to our

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andrea, how r u? i need some answers, relating back to our conversations a week or so ago about my Bond for Deed. I wrote back the attorney, and contested the cancellation on the bond, and ask them to give me credit for the overages we previosly talked about, and told them i have 2 payments sitting on my desk from certified mail return receipt returned back to me and i wanted 2 payments credited from overages, and i also put July's payment in the mail RCR.and that brings me current, what my question to u is on the 45th day can she have me thrown off my land? how does this cancellation of the Bond For Deed work? i have wrot to her attorney like i said, is that good enough, or can i still be evicted? what's the process on this? i'm really confused on this and worried my 45 days is up on the 12th or 13th.

Hi, Cheri, and Welcome back,

There is nothing magical about 45 days. That is just something that the Grantor's Attorney put in his letter.


It appears to me that the Grantor's Attorney is trying to scare you on purpose because you do not have an Attorney.


You are not behind in your payments. Let me repeat that - You are not behind on your payments to the Grantor because you were making the payments to the Grantor's lender while the Grantor was incarcerated and those payments were more than what you owed the Grantor in your monthly payments. Unless you can make the Grantor's Attorney understand this, the Attorney will constantly be harassing you and intimidating you. I honestly believe that it would be well worth your while to consult with an Attorney and then ask the Attorney to write a letter to the Grantor's Attorney. It will not cost you much and it will be worth every penny just to have peace of mind and so that the Grantor's Attorney will be set straight and will no longer be intimidating and harassing you, and threatening to take your property away. The Attorney you consult with will be able to explain things a lot better verbally than we can here at JustAnswer in writing.





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