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I made a purchase through Amazon for two Helene Berman Coats.

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I made a purchase through Amazon for two Helene Berman Coats. I did receive the coats, but when I looked at the American Express bill I saw that I was charged more than what was listed on the website. The merchant is J B Fashions Online and it is located in London, England. The amounts that were listed on the website were $177.80 and $213.25. The amounts that I was charged were $304.64 and $296.34. When I did a pound to dollar conversion I found that, sure enough, 177.80 pounds equals approximately $296.34 and the same with 213.25 pounds equaling $304.94. I have tried, unsuccessfully to have the difference returned but have had no luck. I filed a claim with Amazon and their response was that they will only get involved if either the product was not what I ordered or if it was damaged. I have been charged a significant amount more than what was listed on the website and can not find out how to get it corrected. Can anyone help?

Under the Nevada Deceptive Trade Practices Act you may be entitled to a refund of your purchase price; from either Amazon or the vendor. This law provides recourse wherean ad misleads the consumer as to the true cost of the product. There are two ways to pursue the matter. One is to file a complaint with the Nevada Office of Attorney General (OAG). To file a complaint with the OAG, retain as much evidence of wrongdoing as possible, including the original amazon posting and pursue the claim at this website. Note that the OAG will only prosecute your case as a class with other unless they have other complaints against amazon that includes this particular vendor, you may not get personal recourse through the OAG.

The other is to file a claim in court against amazon and the vendor under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. If you decide to pursue litigation you have to first send them a letter demanding to refund your money and the reasons why. If they refuse you can then pursue a lawsuit against them in court. If the seller fails to send you the amount requested within 60 days of receiving your letter, a suit can be filed.If a court finds that the conduct of the seller was committed "knowingly and intentionally" a court may also award not more than three times the amount of economic damages.



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