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My wife purchased a car (as a surprise to me) using our old

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My wife purchased a car (as a surprise to me) using our old car as trade, but the old car is titled in my name. The dealer doesn't know that, and is wanting the title. I want to reverse the deal for the new car and get our old car back - my wife made a terrible 'deal', and the new car doesn't suit our needs anyway. The dealership wouldn't un-do the deal, understandably, but now that I know I have the title to the old car, do I have any leverage to see if they would either undo the transaction, or at least modify it?
Thanks for your time - hope this all makes sense. I can be reached [email protected]
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Did your wife sign a contract agreeing to transfer the old scar to the dealer as part of the transaction?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ha - yes. She signed pretty much everything of her own free will. I know that makes all this pretty tough to fight - I was pretty much resigned to just dealing with the car she bought when the title thing occurred to me this morning. Let me know what other details might help. Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave,

You are correct that this is a difficult situation.

First of all you cannot be compelled to transfer the vehicle to the dealer since you did not sign the contract.

That said we need to look at your wife's situation. Unfortunately the law is not your wife's favor.

Your wife has apparently signed a contract stating that she would transfer a vehicle when she knew or should have known that she not have the legal authority to transfer. If your wife fails to proceed with the transaction based upon the fact that she has no legal authority to transfer the vehicle, the dealer may file suit against your wife based upon breach of contract as well as civil fraud. A civil fraud action would exposure wife to punitive damages as well as actual damages

I would be glad to respond to any follow-up questions that you may have.
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