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What legal rights do I have to return a used car that I bought

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What legal rights do I have to return a used car that I bought 3 weeks ago that stopped running after I bought it 3 days due to the anti-theft system malfunctioning and shutting my car down. I had to have it towed after that to my boyfriend's house then towed to the repair shop where they got it restarted . The car dealership never wanted to return my calls. The 2nd tow truck driver whom the dealership had called to tow my car, damaged my car. I had to drive over to the dealership to show the manager the damage to my car and since then he won't call me back. My boyfriend drive over to the dealership last week to see if he contacted the tow co. About the damage to my car and he said that the tow company won't repair my car because they denied damaging it. He said somehow he would get it fixed for me but will not return my phone calls. In the meantime my car stopped running again when i was trying to get to work 3 days ago. I have keft 3 messages for the manager and he still won't return my phone calls. I called the car repair shop myself to arrange fir them to look at my car today. I finalky got my car re started myself by resetting the anti theft system with my jey and took 15 mins. For me to get it re-started. The security light keeps going iff and then my car shuts down again . I left kacy the dealershio mabager anither message yesterday that i wanted to return my car to them So i can buy anither one from somewhere else since I dudn't wsnt anither one from them and asjed fir my $1000 back that i oyt down on it and asked him to Contact the ginance co. Who actually owns the dealership to grt out if my financial obligation to them So i csn buy another car And he still refyses to call me back. Obviously the car us a lemon since mt car has been sitting more than u've been able to dtive ut and the car dealershio has been horrible. Hiw can i return my car and get out of my car financing? I am in the kansas city, mo. Area.

Hello and thank you for the question. You have a right to return and cancel the agreement.

Basis for doing so is that seller breached the agreement and misrepresented the condition of the vehicle. That would be a material breach.

If seller protests and objects, you may threaten to take further action including complaint to the better business bureau, and the attorney general office, as well as civil court action and involving a consumer protection lawyer locally, for which is a good directory.

Good luck and enjoy the weekend. Kindly rate the answer positively.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm still in limbo about my car. I just picked it up from the car shop and they still can't figure out what's wrong with my car since they had it for a week and the anti theft system never shut the car down. I have only had it out of the shoo for 2 hours and the security light came on which means it will eventually shut down. The car dealership manager called me yesterday after u emailed him and was hateful when I told him I talked to an attorney and want to bring the car back.he will take the car back but us only willing to trade it for an Eben older car which us a 2003 VW bug which I hate and told him no. He got ticked and said there were no other cars in my price range and that I would have to wait until he goes to another car auction to buy a cheaper car. I drive by his car lit last night and there has to be something in that car lit under $10,000. He pads his car prices so much. I paid double if what I should have paid which us my fault for being
sycjered in. My credit us bad and my other car us about to due that I rushed into it which I knew better and also paying 21% interest. He lied to me about the price too but I was the idiot that signed the contract. He prayed on my desperation to get another car and has been a jerk about this entire meds with the car. I have only driven it half the time I have owned it because it's been in the shop for 10 days out of 30 days and sitting several other days when it wouldn't start.

How about having a mechanic inspect it and then either accompany you or give you a letter assessing the problem?