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We agreed to have our existing lawn service company do some

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We agreed to have our existing lawn service company do some extra trimming around our home. Now, we had allowed our ficas hedge and ficas trees to grow for 2 years in order to have them become ONE and create an arch made of leaves. I explained and showed both the owner of the company and the supervisor how this area needed to be trimmed in an arch. Again, after 2 years of growth this was very important for us. Unfortunately, their workers did not do as we asked and completely cut and separated the ficas from the trees. Before the workers left, I alerted their supervisor of this disaster and although he was visibly upset with his workers, there was nothing that he said he could do. We just received a bill for $600 for this work. Because this service provider had been working with us for 2-3 years, we had not signed or agreed to any set amount for the work being performed. QUESTION, what if anything am I legally bound to pay for this work? Can I decide how much to pay them given this lapse?

I am a professional here to assist you. I appreciate your use of this service. I see that your lawn maintenance service provider was negligent and over trimmed a hedge and tree. When a service provider is negligent, they are not entitled to payment arguably. This is a matter of negotiation. To force you to pay, the service provider would need to file suit. Your defense would be the work was improper and not what was requested. You may even consider a counterclaim for damages to your tree and bush. Most likely, you will not need to go to court. These issue can normally be resolved via negotiating a fair value of the work performed. If you feel a portion of the service was proper, then you may make a settlement offer to resolve this bill.

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Thank you
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