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Is there a real law called something like "Buyers Remorse"

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Is there a real law called something like "Buyer's Remorse" that allows a person up to 3 days to cancel any contract, written or verbal?

Thank you for your question. The law you are referring to does not exist as you have described it. However, there is a Federal law that allows for a 3 day right of rescission (cancellation) for certain kinds of contracts. Those are door to door sales (or anything that resembles it like a business that makes sales someplace other than their normal place of business) and refinance agreements for real property. Some states also have a few other circumstances that allow for cancellation, so if you would like to share the circumstances you are actually concerned with, perhaps I can address it.

But, otherwise, unless the contract actually has a right of cancellation, there is no grace period or "buyer's remorse" period.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What I want to cancel is 3 $200 packages totaling $600 for internet protection, malware, and PC cleaner I purchased 3 days ago over the internet. These 3 packages are not what they claimed to be, I don't wish to continue having them try to fix my laptop as it took all day Sunday to describe to their Tech "3" Engineers what I wanted and they barely understood what I was trying to relate. I still have junk files and privacy issues that just do not go away. I ran the Scanning and Fix All session 6 consecutive times. I would think everything would have been cleaned up the first time; however sometimes the numbers of privacy issues or junk files increased between sessions. I just want my money back and to return to the real live person I usually use.

Hello again and thank you for that additional information. That transaction as you described it does not qualify for a 3 day right of rescission, so unless the agreement you entered into gives you a right to cancel or rights to return the package, then this is going to be like any other purchase someone would make that they are not happy with. You will need to try to deal with the company first to resolve your complaints and request a refund or credit. If they refuse, then you have an option of filing suit for the return of your money or cancellation of your contract because of their inability to deliver what they promised you would. Before you do that though you may want to contact the Better Business Bureau to see if they can resolve the issue with this company or your State's consumer protection division. You can find out how to file a consumer complaint with the State by going to:

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