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How do I stop the credit card company from calling me on a

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How do I stop the credit card company from calling me on a Saturday and Sunday

LegalGems :

Hi! LegalGems here. My goal: To Do My Best To Assist You. Please remember, I can only provide general information,as this is a public forum.

LegalGems :

I am sorry to hear of this situation. One moment please as I get this information for you.

LegalGems :

Here is a sample C&D letter provided by the Mass. government but it works in all states:

LegalGems :

Generally, the debtor would send a "cease and desist letter" letting the creditor know they are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, specifically 15 USC 1692a

LegalGems :
Your name:

Your address:

Creditor's name:

Creditor's address:


RE: Cease and Desist Collection attempts regarding account number_________________

Dear Creditor:

Someone from your company contacted me about a debt. Please cease and desist from

contacting me or my family by telephone at home, or at work, about this or any related


Additionally, in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act I am requesting the

following information:

a) How you calculate the money you say I owe.

b) Copies of the papers where I agreed to pay what you say I owe.

c) The name of the original creditor.

d) Demonstrate that you are licensed in my state, and provide this license number to me.

Please provide this letter to the company for whom you are collecting so that they have

notice of my demand.

This letter is not an acknowledgment that I owe you money.

If you do not stop immediately, I may be forced to take legal action.

LegalGems :

This type of communication will generally result in the creditor from refraining from contacting you. It should ideally be sent via certified mail.

LegalGems :

Verbal requests are not in compliance with the Act.

LegalGems :

The creditor can be liable for $1,000 per violation, plus damages suffered by the plaintiff.

LegalGems :

Did you have any questions on the above?


no, no more questions. Thank you for the information.

LegalGems :

You are welcome. Glad to have helped. I hope this works out for you! If you have future consumer protection or estate law needs, please feel free to request me by putting To Legal Gems in front of the question, or personally requesting me. Thank you!

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