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What type of attorney do I need for neighbor extreme neighbor

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What type of attorney do I need for neighbor extreme neighbor hardest,ent.

California Lawyer :

Hello, are you there?

California Lawyer :


Customer: Yes
Customer: Hello
California Lawyer :

Hello...I don't quite understand what happened. Can you explain?

Customer: It is a long story and goes back ten years. I find it difficult to go into all the details on my iPad.
California Lawyer :

I want to help, but without specific details, I don't know there is much I can do for you. I will opt out, and perhaps someone else can help you.

Customer: In Nov. 2012 my dog ran out my front door when I was leaving. He was accustomed to playing with the neighbors dog so when he saw her he ran to the neighbors yard. I live in a senior golf community,
California Lawyer :


Customer: the neighbor started yelling at the top of her voice "your dog attacked my dog" I was stunned. The dogs were about three feet apart and did not ever touch each other.. Her dog barked and my dog was dancing around her. The woman kept screening over and over that my dog attacked her dog. When I reached her, I told her my dog had not attacked her dog but for her to take her dog to her vet. If she was at all concerned and I would pay for it. She acted as though I had not said any thing and yelled for me to pick my dog up and get him out of her yard that I did not have him under control. I picked up my 35 lb dog, when I was half way across my yard I started stumbling, breathing hard &my heart racing...I made it to my front door & was able to turn the handle but passed out before I could go inside. I was on the front porch for about 45 min. When I was able to push my door open I crawled to my living room and lay there for about an hour before I had the strength to get up to go to my bed. I did not call an ambulance as I have a heart condition that requires a heart transplant to fix..I am 72 years old & do not qualify for a transplant due to that and other medical problems. I found out later ,y

In late Nov. my dog ran out the front door as I was leaving. He saw a neighbors dog out and ran into their yard. The neighbor started yelling , "your dog attacked my dog" she continue yelling this over and over. The dogs had not been within three feet of each other. Her dog was barking and my dog still being in his puppy stage was dancing around him playing. When I reached her, I told her my dog had not touched her dog but if she was concerned to take him to her vet. and I would pay for it. She yelled for me to pick my dog up and get him out of her yard as I did not have him under control. Then she started yelling again your dog attacked my dog. I finally said, oh B.J. just shut up. She then went inside and started calling everyone she knew asking them to call the human sociaty to and report my dog as vicious and to also call everyone they knew and ask them to do the same. Interestingly enough, most of these people did make the call without knowing me or my dog. The human sociaty came out, was very nice and explained the situation to me. I was told they had never received as many calls about any dog as they had about mine in just one day. This fact also lead them to believe there were other things going on then just the dog. Especially since there were no pictures of a hurt dog and the owner did not take him to the vet. The neighbor had just taken her dog out of her van, she had just picked her up from the groomers when my dog saw them in the front yard and ran over.


I just realized, I repeated what I wrote last evening. I was told to check the dogs outside play area to be sure no one had thrown poison food over the fence before I let him out. She said she had seen situations of mob rule like this before and someone that did not even know my dog could feel threatened and try to harm him. People would come up to my fence and just stand and stare at my dog when he was out...naturally he would bark at them. I could not take him for walks with out someone saying something negative about him. This all became a real problem.


I live


I live in a senior gated golf community..I think the word senior can tell you a lot.


On May 02, 2013, my key got stuck in my door, I was unable to remove it. For two weeks I had appt. at Mayo Hospital each day with a Physiology, electric, cardiologist. I could not miss this appt. nor could I be late as if you were more then 15 min. late they could not see you. I live on a small cul-de-sac no one enters unless they are visiting someone so I locked my door and left. I did not think the key would be noticed from street. My dog was locked inside.


When I returned home late that afternoon, I noticed my door was not closed all the way. My dog was inside. I went immediately to my bedroom where I had taken a 2 1/2 caret sapphire white gold ring out of it's case to wear and decided against it. I left in on the corner of my dresser, it was gone. I searched everywhere and found another ring that was left on my dresser under my bed. My grandson's picture was bent, they had gone through my medications and other very personal items. In my guest room, the picture frame over the bed was broken. Each day I find evidence my home was invaded. These people also took pictures of the interior of my home and photo shoped them and e-mailed them to all their friends and ask their friends to forward to their friends that live in the community. I witnessed the neighbor across the street giving a set of pictures to another neighbor, whom I do not know, and ask her to show them around and email them etc. I was standing not more then 5 ft. from them when this exchange took place when I was seen the neighbor who originally had the pictures, turned and ran into her house and slammed the door. I did not know a woman in her seventies could run that fast. That night, an attempt was made to poison my dog. Fortunately, I went outside first to clean up his daily mess so he was not hurt. I suspect, it was the woman's husband but I do not have proof.


I have had minor vandelism around the exterior of my home for the past ten years since my husband passed. The people involved in this are very close friends and are involved in many activities. I on the other hand, do not know anyone as I am mostly confined to my home due to various health problems. The hurt started during and after my husband passed and it was my choice not to get to know these people any more then in passing. Three families are involed and two single of which I do not know..she just moved in.


Things have reached a point, I have to do something. I live in fear of what they may try next, it is also affecting my health badly, which in my case could mean death. I need to know what options I have and what type of attorney I should contact. I contacted the police, he wrote a report and that was it. He did not seem concerned at all. I have mailed two request the the records dept. as I was directed and have not received anything.

California Lawyer :

Hello. My first question is how do you you know who did this? What evidence do you have as to who did this?

Customer: I have proof, but I would like to speak to an attorney before I proceed. I only need to knoe
Customer: What type of attorney I should contact... I am not seeking advice about my case. I want to meet with the attorney personally ask questions and have them answered face to face. I do not want to go to the police again until I have a chance to do this . I have more information then I did when the police were at my home. But, again, I want to set down and ask advice before I go further.
Customer: Since my first contact with you someone tried to poison my dog. This is very serious to me! The ring that was taken was a two &one half caret sapphire, white gold. My husband gave it to me in 1978.
California Lawyer :



Generally, if what you say is true, I think you are looking at issues of trespass and harassment. In that respect, if you can prove what you are saying, you would likely be seeking a restraining order. Most civil attorneys could help you without any problem, and most will consult for free. You should be able to find one locally by consulting your yellow pages or contacting you local bar association.

I hope this helps.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.