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I am a 43 old single mother to a teen age daughter, Iraqi combat

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I am a 43 old single mother to a teen age daughter, Iraqi combat medic war veteran, grandmother and am completely and am completely and am disabled. My back is so beyond repair my doctor will not allow me to even carry a small purse. I use a small rolling bag. I have left my home 4 times in 4 years to do something other than go to the doctor. I am almost completely homebound and if I push it I pay for weeks and there is nothing left they can do for me. Any way. I walk with a cane and decided that if they are just going to manage pain and not well I might add I should try to do something fun every now and then. The only thing I could come up with was the Casino up the street because I am no very mobile and have fallen too many times to count. After about 4 hours at the same table with the same players (not a rowdy group) and I am very quiet and no I do not drink. I have had 1 drink in 10 years. Do not care for it. No other drugs either. Have not dated in 6 years am a Christian...just a basic American with an expiration date. Anyway I was very loudly and rudely singled out into the forth hour and had done nothing wrong and was humiliated. I have been disabled for 5 years and I know it when I see it. We make a lot of people uncomfortable. I got up and cashed out where I lodged a verbal complaint with management. I then filled out a comment card and was waiting in line when security showed up to escort me out. I was mortified. She yelled at me to just bring the card to the front where she was and put it on the desk area. I told her no that I would wait in line like everyone else. She followed me all the way outside and tried to stop me from getting into a cab. I have not driven in 4 years. I had no idea what any of their end games were but if it was to make me feel like a leper the first time I leave home to try and do something normal in years, they all succeeded. I know that no one else would be held to the rule that was originally the start of this and was screamed in my face. I have had enough of being a doormat. I can begin to tell you how many times I am treated like bleeding chum in shark infested waters and I want to take a stand. Does it sound reasonable that I could have a case? I go into more detail about the actual event but for now assume that there is NO WAY POSSIBLE for this establishment to enforce what it did with me throughout the casino floor and I do not think it would be legal to even try on the non-disabled. Thoughts?

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I am sorry to hear how you were treated in the casino and I can only imagine the embarrassment and humiliation that you experienced. Nobody should be treated that way. You should consult with a local lawyer about filing a lawsuit against the casino and the security guards, personally, for intentional infliction of emotional distress. If you do not know any lawyers, you can call your County Bar Association and ask for the names of several Attorneys with experience in personal injury litigation. I wish you the best of luck,




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