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Thomas McJD
Thomas McJD, Lawyer
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To TMcJD only

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To TMcJD only i was working with lawyer earlier I have another question regarding my case with the honda civic purchase


Hi, nice to hear from you again. What is your additional question?

Customer: Whiledriving home today I realized my odometer was not working it was still showing 192104 the sawme
Customer: While driving home today I realized my odometer is also not working still the same mileage as the day I bought 4 days ago. I contacted my mechanic he said it is not working because the computer is not connected and that
Customer: While driving home today I realized my odometer was not working its still shows the same reading as the day I bought it. I contacted my mechanic and he explained to me that this because the computer is not connected to the engine..I informed him that there was over a 600 miles difference on the bill of sale the seller gave me to the date of my purchase he then informed that infact it was my seller who switched out the motor.

Well, I'm not sure how much that adds to your case, but it would certainly seem to have the effect of providing just one more reason to satisfy the court that the seller was trying to pull one over on you and that the contract should be deemed invalid. At some point, all the little things add up to something that no component by itself was -- in your case a showing of fraud. The more little things you have the clearer it becomes that the sale was based on fraud.

Customer: I have proof that that the odometer was working while he had possesion of the car. Ill bring that to court to. Great thank you again. Would you suggest that I not drive the car

Yes, it would be better not to drive the car. That would diminish any claim he might have against you for wear and tear, depreciation in value, etc. Those claims probably are not viable, but not driving the car keeps him from gaining more and more potential ammunition against you.

Customer: Ok Thanks again for the advice.
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