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I am returning a leased Nissan. It is under mileage, all the

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I am returning a leased Nissan. It is under mileage, all the payments have been made, and I am leaving the country in two days. I find now that I am 'required' to have an independent car inspection agency come to my house for a 'complimentary' inspection before I am allowed to return the car. I do not want, and will not allow someone to come to my house to inspect the car. I want to simply take the car in, hand them the paperwork and the keys and say 'here it is, good bye'. There is nothing wrong with the car. Is the dealership required to take the car back if I have fulfilled the lease agreement? Is on them to get the inspection, if they want one, or is it on me to accommodate them? They are already charging me a $400.00 'Disposal fee' just for the privilege of bringing the car back. I am slightly miffed, as you may notice.

LADY LAWYER : Hello there!


LADY LAWYER : It is going to depend firstly on what the lease contract states is required of you and what you agreed to by signing the contract. If the lease contract does state you are responsible for this inspection, your next step is to figure out whether the contract you penalizes you for not doing the inspection and what the penalty is.
LADY LAWYER : If the contract does to state what the penalty is, you have a good argument for NO penalty if you take the car back without the inspection.

While I was waiting I thought about that. I cannot get to the contract until later tonight. I am going to bet that somewhere in the contract there is such a requirement

LADY LAWYER : That doesn't mean that Nissan won't try to bill you anyway, but you could fight it and would be successful if there is nothing in the contract giving them the right to penalize you.

Doesn't the car, because it is leased, belong to Nissan or the Nissan Financial?

LADY LAWYER : I am happy to talk to you more once you have the contract, if you would like.

Really! That would be great. What should I do?

LADY LAWYER : Yes, it belongs to Nissan. You are loaning it out, so to speak.

So, because of my time problem, how could they not take it, if I bring it in, on time, under mileage, and all paid up?

LADY LAWYER : just sign back on the site, click on the my questions link at the top of the page and then click on this question. Just reply and I should be notified.

Ok, will do. Thank you very much!

LADY LAWYER : Oh, they could take it, they just might try to penalize you financially.
LADY LAWYER : they won't reject the car though
LADY LAWYER : ifthough if someone said they would, they weren't being honest
LADY LAWYER : Happy to help!

I'll get back to you with the contract. Thanks!

LADY LAWYER : I will be online until about 2am. Thanks!
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