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If I am sending a demand letter to 3 different parties, should

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If I am sending a demand letter to 3 different parties, should I include all three parties in the mailing addresses above the body of the letter?
Hello again,

There may be good reasons for not letting the various parties know that you are considering suing them all, or providing them with each other's contact information. For example, if they don't know each other, the letter will give them an opportunity to make contact and coordinate their defenses against you.

Also, if you make a false statement in your letter concerning any one of the parties, by sending the letter to others, you may be setting yourself up for a defamation lawsuit.

I could probably think of reasons to contact all three parties simultaneously, but, nothing that comes to mind, in my opinion, would offset the downside of what I've described above.

Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hello. Thank you for your usual quick response. A little bit more information from me - all of the parties would be severally liable in a potential law suit. The demand letter is for $50,000, and the law suit would be for the same amount. So instead of naming all three parties, should each demand letter indicate somehow that 2 other parties are also liable (so to avoid the risk that all 3 parties send in $50,000 each)? Or what would be a good way to handle something like that?
I wouldn't tell any one of them that I am contemplating suing the others. See what they offer you. The chances than any one of them will simply send you $50K is probably nil, so I wouldn't worry about that. And, if for some reason more than one of them does send you enough to aggregate more than $50K, then well, you just won the lottery, because the fact that you make a demand for a sum certain, doesn't mean that you're obligated to return any amount you receive in excess of that amount.

Hope this helps.
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