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Legalease, Lawyer
Category: Consumer Protection Law
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Experience:  13 years experience in Consumer Protection law, in particular construction law and auto repo law
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Dear Sir/Madam, By Learning that a person is a victim of a

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Dear Sir/Madam,
By Learning that a person is a victim of a Safe Deposit locker theft at Chase Bank through word of mouth we went couple of days later (May 18th, 2013)to check on our contents in our Safe Deposit locker.
Our bank is Chase Bank located atXXXXX Ste# XXXXX Dublin, CA 94568.
My wife went inside while I was waiting with kids to check on our box, she frantically called me to tell that we are victims of robbery as well.
I went inside and contacted the manager who took us to a room and told us that those things won't happen as you and us only have keys. But when asked about other person we heard about, she said , yes there was a previous report and that proved to be illegitimate! (Later when we called friends to call friends and finally inquired with the other victim the case was pretty much ongoing and not dismissed by any means as illegitimate). So we learned the other victim is also from the same bank!!.
She said she will start legal procedure within the bank and told us to contact local police and file a report. We promptly called local police and two cops have come in to file the report and took me and my wife to separate rooms.
Cop who questioned my wife was little aggressive and kind of interrogated her right there instead of just filing a report, by repeatedly telling her to take back the case asking her to call it as a bad call because she already was kind of passed out with the news of our life time savings were robbed and was obviously little nervous.
But our life time savings , priceless jewelry from our parents/ancestors is stolen from the so called "Safe box" and she was adamant enough till I came out from my inquiry/report filing with other cop and called me and told me about what the other cop was trying to do, then I immediately explained to the cop that we are not going to take back the report and are going to fight for our property loss. They have finally gave us the report number.
Later on Monday , May18th 2013 we went back to bank and opened a claim through executive office line (Phone number) that they have provided to us. Both police and Bank have asked for Itemized list and we have provided the list and approximate prices to them as of today May 20th 2013.
After reading through various news , blogs and previous reports we are clue less as to how we can recover our property and how the crooks will be caught. Can you please suggest what our actions should be?
We have no insurance with the bank on the safety deposit box, not sure if the home insurance will cover any thing at all as it did not happen at home!, we have few pictures of my wife/kids wearing various jewelry.
So what should we do, your invaluable advise will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Hello there


The only possible explanation for this theft is that there is a dishonest employee working at the bank (it would be very difficult for a member of the general public to get into the box because of the security procedures to even get into the room where the safe deposit boxes are kept). Because of this, the bank and the police will need some time to investigate the matter to see if they can determine who the dishonest employee is. If the bank is unable to make that determination, then you should be prepared for the bank to refuse to pay the claim to you and to turn around and make accusations at you and your wife again just as the police did in your first interview. Because of the secure nature of these boxes, the only way the bank will permit any recovery is if they are able to find a thief in their employees and if they are unable to do so after a reasonable length of time and you then are getting no further information, then I strongly suggest that you contact a local attorney who can prepare and file a lawsuit against the bank for the loss or theft of your property. Legally, if the property was in their possession and now it is gone then the bank is negligent and a court will most likely make them pay for the claim unless they have some hard evidence that either you or your wife were involved (I am not saying that you are -- I am saying that the bank is going to get more and more aggressive in their accusations against you and your wife if they are unable to locate a thief in their own employees in a reasonable amount of time). You need a lawyer who specializes in insurance property claims (that way you can look into a claim with your house insurance as well as the banks insurance). A very good part of a claim in your case will be the fact that this happened to someone else recently and if you have their contact information then your lawyer may even be able to bring claims against the bank for the both of you together (and possibly find even more people who have had the same thing happen to them). Here is a link to the lawyer referral service in your county -- they can give you several names of lawyers to speak with and you can then choose one that you are the most comfortable with for this case --


Please let me know if you have further questions.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Madam Leagalease,


Thank you for your response.


The case now went to detectives and they called me and my wife and held a preliminary interview and they have asked same questions as were asked by the police but in a much polite and elegant manner.

We do not have any updates on the case yet after that.

We have learned that the other victim when returned the call from detectives received an answer saying that they would call them in a week or so.

At this point of time, do you want us to proceed and approach the insurance based attorney from your suggested link or wait for a preliminary response from Bank/Detectives?

Some friends are also suggesting to hire a private detective?


Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


Hello again RK -


We do not represent customers in an offline capacity - it is against the rules of the website and not a personal decision. The link I gave to you above for the Alameda County attorney referral service is for you to contact an attorney in your local area -- you have to go to their website and call them and ask for a referral to an attorney who handles such banking matters.


At this point you may want to wait a few weeks to see if the detectives get back to you or the other people who had the same problem -- if there is a dishonest employee, then it will take them a while to catch that person (it will not happen overnight). If you do not hear from the detectives after a few weeks then you should contact a local attorney through the website I referred you to in order to take up a claim against the bank.



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