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Hello I have a Husqvarna Lawn Tractor I bought at Lowes in

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I have a Husqvarna Lawn Tractor I bought at Lowes in 2004.
After a year it would not run right most of the time.
Three years ago the engine broke and the mower will not run.
I found out that the service instructions under the hood
and in the owners manual are not for the engine that is in the
mower I have.
I believe doing the wrong service made the engine die.
Has there been any recalls from Lowes?
Could I have a case for a refund?


LADY LAWYER : Hello Jim! I am happy to provide you with legal information today! Please give me a moment to review your question and to answer you.
LADY LAWYER : Here are all the updates on recalls for products that Lowes sells:
LADY LAWYER : I am not sure if your tractor is on there or not BUT, if you followed impropper instructions and this caused a failure of the product, then yes, you could have a case for a refund (for the fair market value of the tractor today) or a replacement, due to the seller's/manufacturer's breach of the implied warranties.
LADY LAWYER : If you don't find your tractor listed on the webiste I gave you, call the Lowe's Customer Service Center and report what is going on. Sometimes, even if the seller is not at fault, they will take steps to correct the problem. If they do not, they still could share in some liability of they knew or should have known about the issue and did nothing to correct it. If you do not get offered a repair, replacement, or something else that is satisfactory to you, you may end up having to sue both Lowes/Husqvarna for the replacement value and any other damages you have suffered due tho their breaches of your warranties.
LADY LAWYER : If you have any further questions about this, please just let me know. I am happy to keep assisting you. If you do not have any further questions at this time, would you kindly leave me a positive rating for the service I have provided you today? This will cost you nothing further to do, but it is the only way that the site will pay me for my time spent with you. Thank you so much!
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