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is it legal for an airline or its representative to not refund

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is it legal for an airline or its representative to not refund fares that were not used. cancer by potential flyers caused cancellation of use.
Hello, Thank you for the question. Airline tickets are contracts. Therefore, the terms of the contract determine whether or not a ticket is refundable. Usually when purchasing the ticket it will say whether or not the ticket is refundable, can be used for future dates, or neither. The contract is enforceable regardless of the reason, unless the airline cannot perform their portion of the bargain. So, what I might recommend is that first the ticket terms need to be read carefully. If they say they are refundable, then you can either write a letter to the airline customer service with a copy of your ticket and contract,or you can file suit in small claims court if they refuse. If they are not refundable or transferable, then you have no legal basis for a refund, however, you might try writing the company with the circumstances, and any proof that you have of them and see if they will agree on a customer service/humanitarian basis to give you a credit or a refund. Please let me know if you need any clarification. I would be glad to assist you further if I can.
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