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Customer Question Is there any way to get out of a "vacation

Customer Question

Customer Question
Is there any way to get out of a "vacation club" (Mexico) contract after the 5 day limit?
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State/Country relating to question: Mexico
Already Tried:
We have tried continually to call the contact phone number, but consistently receive a busy signal. We have disputed the charge with our credit card company and have the paper work to file a formal dispute of the charge. The "fine print" in the contract states that questions should be sent to them in writing, but we would like some guidance before we do that.
Submitted: 931 days and 5 hours ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Value: $30
Status: CLOSED
Expert: Maverick replied 931 days and 5 hours ago.
Where did you read about the 5 day limit and did you try to contact them within the 5 days and what is the reason that you want or need to back out?
Customer replied 931 days and 3 hours ago.
We were vacationing at the Occidental Allegro in Cozumel, Mexico on August 6, 2010. Every time we went to the dining area we were verbally pounded about visiting the adjoining motel (the Occidental Grand) and listening to their presentation about the Vacation Club. It was hard to avoid their constant badgering because we had to pass directly in front of their booth in order to get to the eating establishment. We finally relented and visited the other resort. After 5 hours of a hard sales pitch, we signed a 4 page contract for the purchase of a membership into the Occidental Vacation Club. We were told that they were supposed to close at 2:00 and it was now 4:00 and they needed to rush things along. So without any verbal explanation, we were asked to initial an additional 50 terms to the contract. Much to our chagrin, we had no idea that there was a 5 day limit to getting out of the contract. They also gave us $250 of Vacation Club vouchers that we were told they could be used at a specific restaurant and also anywhere else we chose to shop. This was not true. The restaurant accepted the vouchers, but the only other establishment that would redeem them was the resort in which we were staying. We were also told that Occidental would have 2 all-inclusive resorts in the Unites States, one in Destin, FL and one in Vale, CO. We can find no verification that these exist or are even in the planning stages. This was a major selling point to us because it would make the opportunities of the Vacation Club available for use by our children. They could save airfare by driving to the locations. We were also told that as part of the membership we would be eligible for significant discounts with the RCI (Resort Condominiums International). They gave us a temporary membership number with RCI. My son tried to use it to access discount information for his honeymoon, but the number they gave us was invalid. We called John Montes with RCI and he informed us that we were not registered with them. We have tried repeatedly to call the contact number for Occidental Vacation Club (011-XXX-XXX-XXXX) to voice our complaints, but no matter when we call, we always receive a busy signal. The contract states that we will have to send a letter to Vacation Club with any questions we may have.
The initial downpayment for membership was $15426.50 and was charged on our credit card. We have called MasterCard and told them we wish to dispute the charge. We plan on writing a letter to Occidental stating our complaints and emphasizing that many of the promises that were verbally made, have not proven to be true. We plan to include a $250 money order to replace the Vacation Club vouchers. We also plan to call the Attorney General of our state to file a complaint with the consumer fraud division. We have also thought about reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission and to the Profeco of Mexico. We're considering sending a letter to the American consulate's office in Mexico. The balance of the mortgage was to be paid monthly through our credit card. How can we keep that from happening? We also need help in wording this strong letter of complaint to the Vacation Club. Can you help us? What, in your opinion, are our chances of getting out of this?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Wendy-Mod replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for contacting

It was brought to our attention that you asked a legal question about Mexico, where we do not have active professionals. As much as we would like to assist you, we have to be honest and say that the best we can do is provide a legal Internet researcher who might be able to find your answer. We realize that option is not ideal, and we always want to provide our customers with the best possible answer.

At this time, we'd like to give you the option of leaving your question open. Keep in mind that you're never obligated to accept an answer that you're not satisfied with, and you can try it out before you accept. Or, we can close your question page for you, if you prefer.

Thank you for your understanding,

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I apologize as we have not yet been able to find another professional to assist you. Would you like me to continue to search for someone to assist you or would you like for me to close your question at this time? We also have professional researchers who do not have a law degree, if you are interested in their assistance, please let me know.

Thank you for your patience,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

pleas close question page.