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If someone give a vehicle, pays cash for it. Has it registored

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If someone give a vehicle, pays cash for it. Has it registored in your me. Insurance is in your name. The title is in your name, you have been maintaing the vehicle on your own for over a year. Does this person have the right to take you to small claims courts. For the amount of the value of the car. When the vehicle was purchased the vehicle needed work when it was bought. The vehicle needed tires all around and brakes. Over the last year, I've reimbursed this party $2,500 for the work that he has done on the vehicle. The vehicle was purchased for $4,000 This party is suing for $1,500, which is the differnce between the money I paid for the repairs when the vehicle was first purchased. This party has been threating to take me to court over this matter. I got served papers from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts this weekend in small claims court of this. Just because we are no longer in a realtionship, does this party have a right to sue me?
Thank You

I will be the Pro providing you information in this matter.

I need to be sure I understand correctly -

So you made a purchase for $4000. Now the seller is saying the car is worth more and is threatening court action to get more money based on work you did and what the now anticipated value is - Correct?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



my old boyfriend bought a 2000 SUV and get it to me. Paid $4,000 cash for it. He had the title, the registation put in my name. The title for the car is in my name, Ive paid the registation and insurance on the vehicle. The truck needed work before it could pass inspection. I.E. (4) new tires and brakes all around. He had his friends repair the truck and he handled the payment for this. Over the last year I have payment him $2,500 for the cost the REPAIRS only. He has bullyed me for the money, for we are no longer in a relationship. The small claims is for $1,500. which seems to me is the difference in the price of the vehicle originally. I paid for the repairs not the vehicle


Thank you for the clarification

If you have an agreement for a certain price he cannot now come back and say you owe more for the vehicle

However, if he made the repairs and the money is for his time and work, then yes he can sue you for any work he did that you did not pay for

But it is not because he now thinks you owe him more for the vehicle than the agreed upon purchase price.

Am I hitting the mark now?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

He bought the truck for me and gave it to me..The price of the truck was $4,000.


The truck needed brakes and tires before it could be put on the road.

He paid an addition $2,500 for the brakes and tires.


I was to pay him back on the repairs of the truck not the cost.

To this date I've paid him $2,500. for the repairs. Which is the amount of the repairs.


He is taking me to court for and addition $1,500. He says I still owe him on the price of the cost of the truck. The truck was a gift.


Thank you

Then you are correct. You would not owe him anything more on the cost of the truck or the repairs, which you say was paid to him

If you have witnesses to the verbal agreements on both the gift of the truck and the cost of the repairs I suggest you will want to contact them

It could be a situation of he says/she says and then the court is going to go on who appears most credible.

So it is important that you have the information of when the Title was placed in your name as a gift to you with no stings attached and also any cancelled checks you may have to show you repaid him for the repairs to get the Vehicle on the road as well as you have been paying for your car insurance

You will need to appear and defend this armed with that information, I suggest, to show your credibility to be successful in this matter.

I think I have answered your question. Remember, I can only answer and provide true and correct information for what you ask.

Otherwise, please rate this service below Good to Excellent so that I may get credit for my time and information. Rating will not close the question and it will always be available for follow ups. A Rating will only close a CHAT and then convert it to a QA where you can always access it.

Thank You and good luck with everything
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