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I received a couple of letters from "California Legal Advocates"

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I received a couple of letters from "California Legal Advocates" offering to reduce my credit cards debts as much as 60%. They say they are not a collection agency and that they "do not charge a fee for their services". Can you tell me more about this services? Is there anything that I should know that's not mentioned in the letter?
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Was this unsolicited mail?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, this was unsolicited mail.

This is almost certainly a scam. They do not even have a website. Most of these scam "credit card repair" companies choose a name that sounds legitimate by including legal or government or federal, etc. in their names. What they will do is actually ruin your credit by asking you to pay them your monthly bills rather than the credit card companies. They claim that they will settle for less with the companies and pay them using the money you pay to the scammers. What will happen is that your credit gets ruined because your bills don't get paid and the company ends up keeping your hard earned money themselves.

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