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Dylatess, Lawyer
Category: Consumer Protection Law
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Hello, I just answered a summons for a civil suit pertaining

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Hello, I just answered a summons for a civil suit pertaining to an alleged credit card debt. As I've never dealt with this kind of action before I'm not sure what occurs now that I've submitted my answer.

Will I hear from the court or the Plaintiff if further action is required?
Will I need to attend a hearing?
Do I need to gather information or documents for my defense?

Hello and welcome to Just Answer. For over 32 years, I have answered questions just like yours. And I look forward to assisting you. Thanks for your question. Please note that now that you have answered, the burden is on the plaintiff to move the case along. That is, he may schedule your deposition or send you questions known as interrogatories to answer. Further, within a year, the court will set a conference hearing so that both sides are forced to come together to try and resolve their differences. Accordingly, at this time, there is nothing that you need to do as you will be contacted. But it still a good idea, if you are going to be bringing a defense, to start collecting your evidence to present that disputes that you owe the debt.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for that information. Although I have submitted my answers and denied the alleged debt, I thought about trying to settle with them to just make the issue go away.


WillI an offer to settle jeopardize my case in any way to reach out to the Plaintiff with an offer to settle?


And if that is permissible what is the best way to do so?



Attempts to settle are always welcomed. And the best way is to simply pick up the phone and call the attorney or his assistant. But do not call the plaintiff. lIkewise, settlement discussions do not prejudice your position. AS for what to offer, it is not unusual to settle for somewhere between 40 and 60 cents on the dollar but start low.
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