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Has anybody had dealings with "Luxury Management Group"? They

Resolved Question:

Has anybody had dealings with "Luxury Management Group"? They claim to be a closing company for sale of Mexica timeshares.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 5 years ago.
Hi Jacustomer,

We've had inquiries here about Luxury Management Group before, and I hope you have decided not to contract with them and that you have not paid the Mexican "taxes." In a legitimate transaction of this sort, no money has to exchange hands until the closing. Luxury Management Group can call this a Mexican Tax payment if they want, but it looks and smells like an up-front fee, and is the biggest single sign of a time share reseller scam.

The way the scam typically gets run is that they will require you to put some money in an escrow account with an escrow agent In Mexico of their choosing. Everything will be all set, supposedly, but then you will be told there are special Mexican taxes you must pay before you can close your deal. When you pay those "taxes" there will be more taxes. Then more, until you catch on. Then you won't be able to find the company, because it's a scam and the information you have about them isn't accurate. So you're out your funds and still have the time share.

Keep in mind that for every unethical or downright fraudulent time share reseller, there is a phony escrow agent. Escrow scams are just as prevalent as timeshare scams. So if a company insists on a fee but says it can be placed in escrow, tell them that YOU want to pick the escrow agent. If the company says that they are not able to work with anyone other than the agent of their choosing, you know that they aare not on the level.

The Better Business Bureau has no record of a Luxury Management Group in California. The Secretary of State shows two businesses (one suspended and one still active) called Luxury Management Group LLC, but neither has the same address as the one you are dealing with. And neither they nor Larry Greifer have left very much of trail on the web. I see no independent confirmation that they can come through for you.

I can't say for sure that Luxury Management Group is a scam. It has set off big alarms, and I'm leaning in that direction. What you want is a solid company with a visible independent track record, and this one isn't it.

This is an area which is loaded with scammers preying upon people who are desperate to get rid of a big drain on their finances at a tough economic time. The FTC has been warning consumers about the various scams in this area. They have a very helpful article where they help you ask the right questions and know when you're getting the right answers, when you are evaluating a company of this type. If you read this and familiarize yourself with what you have to know and do first before you contract with a timeshare reseller, you should come out of the deal okay. (see link for article)

Good luck!
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