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A place called cr legal services are threatening me about a

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A place called cr legal services are threatening me about a bad check that was supposed to be from the cash store from 2005 that I don't recall writing as a payday loan. They want my credit card info to either pay $505.00 or they will serve me papers to go to court and they said it would be a class b misdemeanor I'm not sure if this is a scam or not cause I can't find a real web site for cr legal services so I'm not sure what I should do. If it is a real case what should I expect? Or is this a scam? I don't know what I should do?



Thanks for your question.


Based on what I've read on the Internet, C.R. Legal Services has claimed to be a "mediating service" rather than a debt collector. They have called other individuals and threatened to file criminal charges against them if they did not pay a debt that supposedly was incurred several years prior. They will typically call an individual to advise that a summons will be served on them that very day unless they pay a certain amount of money (usually several thousand dollars) before a certain time that day.


For one thing, a private individual or company is unlikely to file criminal charges. That is within the realm of law enforcement. Secondly, it is also unlikely that a company would call an individual to advise that a process server is currently on the way to their residence, business, or wherever with a summons. Also, if you legitimately owe a debt, you should be formally notified of the amount by way of a demand letter, not by way of cheesy threatening phone calls with nothing to back them up in the way of documentation.


I suggest that you report these calls to the Texas Attorney General's office, as well as to the Federal Trade Commission. Both agencies have the authority to investigate these calls (which are undoubtedly a scam) and file charges against the perpetrators if necessary. Whatever you do, don't give them your credit card or bank information, or any other information about yourself.


I can sympathize with you. In my home, we have been receiving several phone calls per day from a "company" that calls itself Online Yellow Pages. They keep demanding that we provide them with information to put in their directory, for which they then want to charge us a fee. We have asked them numerous times to stop calling, but still, they persist. They call from a different phone number each time, but it's always the same person calling. Very annoying, to say the least.


At any rate, I wouldn't worry that this "company" is going to take you to court, or really do anything beyond harrass you with their repeat phone calls.


Hope this helps, and is somewhat reassuring. Good luck.


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