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Category: Consumer Protection Law
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My car was imponded & when the police wrote the reprt they listed the correct vin

Resolved Question:

My car was imponded & when the police wrote the reprt they listed the correct vin # XXXXX listed the owner & year model incorrectly. I had been arrested on bogus charges a supposed boyfriend who was with me at the time had been in trouble with the law recently and told the police things I had no knowledge of but since I was driving when stopped (yet hadn't been I had been sleeping) right when I got behind the wheel we were pulled over, anyway after serving 45 days before my first court appearance I was finally able to post bail. The next day I went to the towing company to get my currant registration for the release. While looking for someone to assist me I went inside the fenced impound lot still looking for anyone to help me, I noticed my car was nowhere to be found, a man appeared said he was the owner, I asked him where my car was he said he parked it down the hill at the house next door. He refused to let me get my registration, I left without incident and was driven directly to t
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Steinlaw replied 6 years ago.
-What is your specific legal question?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I do not think u received the entire story. the owner of towing co. refused to allow me to retreive my registration, after going to the police station talking to the clerk she called the towing co. and said he must allow me to have access to my car to obtain registration. I went back to the towing co. my car was suddenly inside the fenced lot w/ a guy sitting in my passanger seat going through my glove box. Needless 2 say my registration had disappeared and nobody told me that I could simply pay $2 to obtain a duplicate of my currant reg., ironically my renewel reg. came in the mail several days later, while the storage fee was increasing by the day. I am on SSDI the vehicle was a 2003 Mer Mountaineer paid for except for a Title Loan. Title Loan was to repair minor damages that increased the value of the car by several thousand. I offered the owner of the towing co. if he would let me pay 1/2 of the 1435.00 which was due, and the following month pay the balance. He agreed, He stated the car was legally his at this point although he had not sent me, the co-owner nor the Lein holder any notification, he had been driving the vehicle the entire time it was in his possession there was about 1000 more miles put on the vehicle. The day I went to pick it up I was left there waited from 4 until about 8/9 that nite the owner finally showed up of course my car was inside the fenced lot that day with a flat tire covered in mud the gas cap had been broken because the dud not have a key, after I gave the man 1/2 of the 1435.00 he pumped up the tire and said the brakes needed to be checked. I drove straight to someones house that lived close by, the brakes were not completly gone but I did not want to chance it.

Later that evening the friend wanted to test drive it and he did, around the block he said the brakes went out completely he ran into a ditch and the car flipped on its side no immediate injuries. The brakes had been replaced 2 weeks prior 2 the car being impounded. What are my legal options? Do I have any?

Expert:  Steinlaw replied 6 years ago.
I am sorry you went through this.

First, take pictures of the car right now. You need to document the condition. Then go back and take detailed notes of your discussion with him. Then talk to a consumer law attorney. He has no right to drive your car. You want to sue him for trespass to chattel. That is his use of your car and the damage he did. Depending on the repair cost, it may be a small claims court matter, but you should discuss that with an attorney near you after you get an estimate.

Be ware that your friend will probably sue you if he is injured. If so, you are going to want to have taken care of a lawsuit against this guy first so that you can use that as a defense if your friend files a lawsuit.

Good luck.
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