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Steinlaw, Lawyer
Category: Consumer Protection Law
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Experience:  Consumer law attorney, author of California Debt Blog, top foreclosure attorney
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Well this is not exactly a BK question how ever I am in chapter

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Well this is not exactly a BK question how ever I am in chapter 13 BK. My question is about foreclosure. I had a forensic audit done on our mortgage loan. There are violations and incorrect and or missing documents throughout the loan. I need an aggressive attorney in California around Kern County preferably who would go up against Indy Mac/ One West bank. Everyone seems to be a little intimidated by the huge corporation. I am not they have done us dirty from the moment they decided to be our lender. We am about to loose home due to their illegal practices including an illegal foreclosure, which the audit proves. Please I need help and fast. I am supposed to pay the BK trustee $1893.00 next week and every month then after, impossible for us right now. Only way to stop Indy Mac from taking our home that we have lived in since 06/2002 in which Indy Mac only became our lender in 03/2008 is to start litigation. They are ruthless with the financial backing to do as they please. It is no secret that they gain way more by foreclosing no thanks to our government. They have to be stopped.
Desperate and scared!

Gina Holden
I am sorry you are going through this.

Indymac/One West is difficult to deal with. And in the buyout, they agreed to buy the assets but are not responsible for the liabilities. So, you may be stuck.

We cannot make any referrals to any specific attorneys. However, LA is full of good attorneys who handle these cases. I would go to the LA Superior Court website and look for other cases involving Indymac/One West. Then contact those attorneys and explain your case. Also, your bankruptcy attorney may be interested in pursuing an adversary proceeding. Talk to him/her about that.

Good luck.
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