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Three months ago my wife purchase a $2400 handbag from Fendi

Resolved Question:

Three months ago my wife purchase a $2400 handbag from Fendi South Coast only to return it the next day not knowing Fendi has a no return policy... store credit only. After research she found the store failed to inform her of this policy and she was suppose to have signed original receipt which she did not. She contacted Visa (c/card used) and sent them a copy of original receipt proving she never signed anything except credit card slip. Visa told her to ship the purse back they would remove the charge which they did.

Yesterday my wife received a letter from Visa adding the $2400 back to her card stating the store sent Visa a copy of a signed receipt? My wife said the manager was a creep but never expected a store like Fendi to FORGE A SIGNATURE AND COMMIT FRAUD? My wife has the original receipt. What were they thinking.

Visa's letter says to take up any future matters with the store. That's not an option after they've forged her signature and conversations with the store have ceased. What's the best recourse to take here? I've though about having an attorney write a letter to CEO threatning legal action, small claims? I think Fendi upper management should be aware of what this store did.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Steinlaw replied 6 years ago.
Do you have a copy of the letter that Fendi originally sent to VISA?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, but it's barely legible (what a surprise). It appears someone took my wifes signature from the little credit card slip, copied it and somehow moved it to the part of the receipt where it says the store policy at the bottom of the receipt.

The original receipt is orange in color, about 3 times as hard as standard paper. The bottom of her receipt where her signature was suppose to be says Customer blank. It's very clear she never signed it was never altered.

My wife said Hugo Portillo (guy who sold her the purse and probably is responsible for forgery) told my wife Corporate would be calling her.It was no surprise when they never called. After several calls she received a call from Corporate reciting the store policy. We're beginning to think Corporate is aware of this.

Expert:  Steinlaw replied 6 years ago.
I am sorry this is happening.

More likely than not corporate has no idea what is going on. Corporate has been told she signed it and they are going to support that. They do not know that its not her signature.

I would send a letter to Fendi and demand a refund. Explain she never signed that and you can prove it. Then give them 30 days to refund you the money.

When you don't get the money back, and you won't, sue in small claims court. You have to sue in the county where you made the purchase. And you have to send the letter first because one of the rules of small claims court is that you have made a demand for the money back. Bring with you the papers she alleged signed as well as some samples of her signature.

Good luck.
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