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I run a self serve frozen-yogurt shop in San Jose, CA. Frozen

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I run a self serve frozen-yogurt shop in San Jose, CA. Frozen yogurt can be made by 2 methods/ways 1) By using the liquid frozen yogurt (raw material) from cans OE, 2) By mixing frozen yogurt powder-mix into real milk.

I have heard that California State, or some counties in California, doesn't permit/allow to use the second method (i.e. using yogurt powder). At the same time, I have heard that some frozen yogurt brands have been using this method in California.

Can you please me the correct advise on it?

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Lucy, Esq. :

Hi, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'd be happy to answer your questions today.

Lucy, Esq. :

CA state law specifically says that mix can be added to milk if the milk is pasteurized and the labelling requirements are met.

Lucy, Esq. :

Also, I wasn't able to find anything in the Santa Clara Ordinances that addresses methods of making frozen yogurt.

Customer : pinkverry was sued for using yogurt powder. Another yogurt powder vendor just told me that calfor ia FDA has banned him. Could you please do some research on it and advise? Mixingbpidet in milk I fine but is making complete yogurt from powder allowed? As it doesn't create healthy bacteria per plentiful's complaint against Punkberry.
Lucy, Esq. :

I've been reading the statutes, and it doesn't say that frozen yogurt can't be made with mix - it specifically says that frozen yogurt CAN be made with mix, as long as the milk is pastuerized first.

Lucy, Esq. :

Here is an article on Pinkberry that might be helpful - it sounds like what you've heard is just a rumor.

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