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Category: Consumer Protection Law
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we had some renovations to our home. The contractor supplied

Customer Question

we had some renovations to our home. The contractor supplied us with his final invoice which was paid less 15% as there were deficiencies that would need to be dealt with. Contractor was ok with that. There was to be about 10 days delay in starting any deficiencies as we had to hear back from a manufacturer on how to fix some of the contractors errors. The solution was sent by manufacturer. Upon passing this onto the contractor, he lost it. He came to our property when only my wife was home, demanding all his money, very irate, swearing, threatening, forced himself into the house and left when my wife called 911. Police contacted him that day and was now only able to contact us thru lawyer or registered mail. Two weeks later we were sent registered mail from the contractor and it was a "new" invoce, $2800 higher than the original invoice that we had already paid on? Its now going to court. Can he issue a "new" invoice, higher in price when all parties have accepted the original invoice, along with being paid for 85%?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  plumber_171 replied 8 years ago.


a contractor can creat phantom charges. as for your final bill and of agreement is there any paper saying what the final payment would be if so bring it to court.


my last statement may be for the lawyer section but not for nothing i would retain a lawyer and start a suit on him right away


i would also have the contractor sign a lein weiver after all payments are made this way he cant come back a ask for more money and this will protect your home

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Because all parties accepted the original invoice, and the contractor accepted payment, does this not make it a binding contract. What is the law on this?