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My daughter who is nineteen purchased a car from a large dealership

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My daughter who is nineteen purchased a car from a large dealership in a local community. After a week and a half, the car overheated and she returned it to the dealership. They claimed they checked it out and gave the car back to her. After 2 or 3 days, the car overheated again, and she took it back to the dealership ship. She did purchase a two year unlimited miles when she purchased the car. The dealership has now had it for one week and in the process of returning it to her today, the car broke down where the fan behind the radiator stopped working and the car overheated again. They have replaced the water pump and flushed the radiator three times and told her that they repaired something with the transmission as they felt this happened as the result of the car overheating. Does she have a case of the lemon law. We are from Iowa.
Was this a new car or a used car? If it was a used car, is there an original warranty or just the after market warranty?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This was a used car with no warranty at the time of purchase. She bought a two year unlimited mile warranty which is a bumper to bumper.
I am sorry she is going through this.

Iowa's lemon law requires that the car be under the original warranty from the manufacturer. However, in this case, I think you have a good argument for fraud and breach of contract. The dealer made certain promises to entice your daughter to buy the car. She relied on those promises and the car is not what she was told it would be. As a result, they have defrauded her.

I would talk to a consumer law attorney. I would sue for fraud, breach of contract and bad faith. I think you have a good case for her!

Good luck.
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