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Toyota Financial Services sent a repo agent to my former home

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Toyota Financial Services sent a repo agent to my former home state in Decatur, GA (I now live in Arlington, VA and Toyota knows that). My spouse Aaron answered the door. My spouse's name is XXXXX XXXXX on the account or on any paperwork for the vehicle and my spouse did not tell the repo agents he was my spouse. The repo guys asked for me and Aaron said I was not home. They told Aaron they were there to repossess a truck because I was behind in the payments! Then they told him that I had a court date and that they needed the truck. Aaron asked them why were they telling him all my business! Then the agents told Aaron that I can't keep driving the truck without making any payments because the truck was seriously past due.

Can I sue Toyota and their agents for violating the privacy act?

It would be difficult to make a court consider this a violation of your privacy because it is public record that you own the vehicle, and it is also public record that they have a lien on the property/truck.


The certificate of title filed with the state DMV would show all of this.


Also, your delinquency would show up on a credit report.


Thus, I don't think you have a valid claim against Toyota.



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